Xbox One or PS4... Which one impressed you the most?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Limpy, Jun 11, 2013.



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  1. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    With the big reveals today, which of these two consoles did you think did the most to impress and looks to be the future of gaming?
  2. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    I was more impressed with the XBox One. It had more games that interested me.  Sony had a (very) small handful of games that interested me, none of which interested me enough to warrant getting a PS4.  The cheap shot Sony took at MS are all meaningless to me because I don't buy used games and I'm always online anyway so I don't care one way or the other about those. Concerning the price point I'd rather spend $500 on a console with games I want and will actually get use out of than spend $400 on a console without games that will just sit there and stare at me.
  3. EvilSins

    EvilSins Panda

    After watching both consoles at E3 I can honestly say I like them both. Although I can buy both consoles at launch I will only be getting the PS4 at release simply because I am drawn more to the PS4 this time around. FFXV and KH3 are games I have loved since I was small and have been waiting for, for a long time. Although I must admit both consoles are great in their own areas and, like the last generation, I will be owning both at some point.
  4. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    I hope to eventually own both as well.  The games Sony presented just didn't capture my attention they the games MS presented did. But I have no doubt that with time Sony will start bringing us some real winners. :)
  5. eMCeeNL

    eMCeeNL Lemming

    They really looked the same to me. Both have similar specs. They kinda look the same, black and flat box. Also the features are very similar, with cloud gaming, and TV/Music and films.

    Xbox One to me has a more older audience and it also appeals to me more then the PS4. I will not get one since I like my PC too much. :)
  6. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    I think these event at times can be so very deceiving as well... It is so very rare for game makers to have truly tapped into the consoles full potential this early in the process. I think we won't see that for another year, maybe even two since the development process for a game can be years.

    So, for me I am looking forward to seeing the games that hit these consoles in 2014 and beyond, not really the ones that will be available at launch.
  7. JedGabe91

    JedGabe91 Lemming

    i'm deffinetly gonna get a PS4 cause i just love playstation... and Kingdom Hearts 3 is gonna come out on it^^
    and they say ya can connect the psvita to it... just like the wii U idea.
    and i so hope Persona 5 will come out on the PS4 as well (=
  8. Xarnathium

    Xarnathium Thug Cat

    There are a lot of things to keep in mind. They didn't show all the games being made for both platforms at e3, so you can't just go by what they showed there. Also, for people not caring about being online all the time, ok when weather or a tree or other freak things knocks out your internet, enjoy sitting there while I play my ps4. Also, kind of crappy for microsoft to tell the people that are putting their lives on the line (armed forces) to just stick with a 360. Nice, they risk their lives for you and what little precious time they get, you slap in them face and say they can't play your new console. Plus I wouldn't like a console littering my screens with dorito, mountain dew or whatever ads. I always liked the ps3 crossbar more. I hope sony sticks with a good interface without ads.

    At first I got both 360 and ps3. In time 360 went to crap for me and I rarely turned it on, so I sold it. I still have my ps3 and still getting games for it and don't miss the 360 one bit.

    As for Kingdom Hearts 3, wonder if Disney will try to throw in marvel or star wars characters.
  9. jaynpc

    jaynpc Lemming

    I'll be buying a PS4, call me old fashion, but I like to share the games a buy with people I know.
  10. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    You're a better person than me Jay, I trust very few people with my games so loaning them is generally a no go.
  11. balthezar1

    balthezar1 Lemming

    I'll stick with mt PCs, thank you  [​IMG]
  12. JedGabe91

    JedGabe91 Lemming

    Xarnathium i never really was a big fan of the Xbox xD
    and playstation is just awesome  ;D

    wow that idea for the new kingdom hearts game would be sooooo cooooool  ;D
    cause i love star wars and marvel  ;D
  13. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    Unfortunately for me KH3 isn't a selling point,  it's been so long I don't remember any of the other KH games and it's been such a long wait I've simply lost interest in KH.
  14. JedGabe91

    JedGabe91 Lemming

    aww that's okay... but they did make loads of KH games 2 for the DS 1 for the 3Ds and 1 for the psp ^^
    but its true the official 3rd  game did take way to long to come out... but never the less it's going to be worth the wait for me that is ^^
    but i hope you're going to play it... and like it... even if your not that interested in KH that much... but only if ya wanna get a PS4 :)

    but i do wonder what other awesome games are gonna be on the PS4 that you would like to play :)
  15. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    In all honesty as it stands I'm much more interested in the XBox One.  I hope to be able to eventually get both, but currently XBox One takes priority. We shall see. I won't be getting either at launch or even within a few months of launch. Maybe Sony well come up with something that makes me go "me needs that first"
  16. JedGabe91

    JedGabe91 Lemming

    ah that's cool i'm no big fan of the Xbox but the new one does look cool and better too... and yeah i won't buy the PS4 at the launch either or like ya said a few months in to the launch
    i kinda buy stuff if they reduse the price a bit xD... yeah i hope sony does... and that youz needz to buy it lol
  17. Mr. White

    Mr. White Lemming

    I really love my xbox 360 but personally the step they are taking with the Xbox One is going to be a huge fail for alot of reasons. I will end up owning a PS4 personally but in the end will own both becuase of my wife. Im choosing the PS4 because both the consoles are virtually built the same except two details. The PS4 GPU will be shooting 18 CUs (Compute Units) while the xbox one will be on 12 CUs. So in theory this means the PS4 with have 50% more shader power with their graphics. Secondly the PS4 will be running 8GB GDDR5 Ram while the Xbox only DDR3. Only draw back I seen was Sony starting to charge $5 a month to play online. Thats not a problem because I already pay Microsoft $25 a year so I can manage theirs. (Through a family plan shared with my brother so cost is divided evenly because God knows I cant afford the $60 up front for that)

    Another flop Microsoft is doing with their console is the online. I know some of you have internet access at all times and dont have anything to worry about. In my area we do. I go month to month not knowing whether we can pay our ISP or not. Other bills just have a higher priority. So if Im not able to log into Xbox live in 24 hours after playing then I will be locked out. A new game down the drain and useless until only God knows when. This is also a problem for the men and women who serve our country and are over seas that just enjoy a few split screen matches of halo during down time before patrols. I find the kinect to be an issue as well. I know you have the ability to turn the device off in the settings menu but honestly I really do not want the darn thing. I sold the one I received with my 360 but it seems the newer one needs to be connected to your console at all times. I really hope they fix that. My final problem with them is the sharing with a friend or resale. This hurts a lot of the mom and pop stores in my area. We only have 1 gamestop and they tear veryone a new one because they know there is no real competition in our area. Everyone resorted to selling their consoles and games on a community facebook page because of the rip off they suggest. With their new system, If I pay $60 for a new game and beat it in a week. Well im done so I will go trade it in at Gamestop, since Facebook will be useless now, and they only offer me anywhere between 15-25 for my new game. This will happen because even now they only give you 30-35 for a new game as it is just wait until Microsoft's new rules take effect. This also brings a damper with my and my brother. We are always swapping games and they just made this harder for us to do because he always buys used games. Neither of us can afford the game new unless we go half and half on it.

    I think I have ranted enough :) sorry for the long message. I do hope I do not offend anyone but I also hope I have changed a few minds to push their purchase of an Xbox One back by a few months instead of on release. That way they will fix their problems.
  18. Mr. White

    Mr. White Lemming

    Pleased to be able to share this with everyone. Microsoft has listened to the community and as of this morning released this info

    Basically states that they are withdrawing all the DRM functions and keep the games the same as the 360 is now.

    After many emails and rants they finally listened..*sobs* im so proud of them
  19. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    I read this earlier today. Honestly, I am sure someone looked at E3 and said, "Ok guys, so this is the only thing holding us back from dominating. WTF!"
  20. EvilSins

    EvilSins Panda

    Thank god for that! That's made me like xbox again lol, although I will still be getting PS4 first this time around :)

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