Will New Expansions Save Old MMOs? Ref: Conquer Online and WoW

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by dEarEgg, Oct 28, 2014.

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    These days new MMOs are struggling to enter the industry. They get hyped up, they get their huge budgets and publishers, they launch, they fizzle or disappear in some cases. Honestly it has been this way for a LONG time now. Every year it's the same story and the same disappointment ultimately. Which leads to my question: Instead of trying to think up "the next thing" in a genre that has tried it all, why not go back to the classics and build on them? Incorporate modern concepts, build new worlds and include new classes… all that good stuff.

    As much as I might love a game, dated graphics and engines ultimately turn me away eventually. This is especially true for WoW and Conquer Online- I just can't handle that tired engine anymore. I used to Conquer Online in those busy weekdays as one of my favorite pastimes and play WoW in every weekend. But now I retired from them,though I admit I loved these games, for old memories and friends…

    News describes Conquer Online’s new expansion as it will “employ TQ’s highest standards of production, to pay tribute to the greatest martial artist and the legendary Kung-Fu superstar of all time, Bruce Lee…” But does it really works? Will Conquer Online get its reborn as its clichés of promotion? Though I admit the visual effects of the new class Le- Long perform the coolest and the most gorgeous among the all...

    I'd probably be back on Conquer Online and WoW in a heartbeat if they launched a brand new engine. Sure they'd have to include a bit more than they do with an expansion but they'd be able to leverage on YEARS of content for their new engine. Ideas and programming take the longest time in the development cycle; all that would be cut in half. everyone complain pre-Draenor has hundreds of bugs,and those stupid changes…Will Blizzard make the so-called WoW 2.0?

    It's something I've pondered for years really and frankly I wonder why it's something no company has ever attempted with their old game. The concept is well recorded as a working one in other genres, so why those old MMOs? (Ref: Call of Duty, Assassin's Annual Creed)
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    Male/Female Lee-Long looks quite neat! Me expecting tons of Bruce Lee fans coming, mainly because the figure and body shape bear resemblance to him. Playing as an honorable figure, sort of, could be a dream come true for Bruce Lee fans, I would say.
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    1 To be honest, I didn’t expect too much for this revision. But seem like CO has achieved a great transformation in this revision. The new class and skill are so fantastic, combo skill and control skill also be introduced into the new vision. Maybe the new vision can save CO.
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    1 Bruce Lee is my fav martial artist. I suspect that they make Lee-Long 100% like him, but I do will try this new class. If each one of Bruce Lee fans think alike, the new expansion sure will bring Conquer Online back to a much better state.
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    Seems that CO is a good choice. Thanks.
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    I like KungFu too and often see some martial art moives. Hope that my little baby will share the same interest with me in the future. Perfect!

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