What makes your old friends quit MMORPGs?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Leopoldlee, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Leopoldlee

    Leopoldlee Lemming

    I have asked many friends around that why do they leave MMORPGs. And regardless of differences in conditions of life, backgrounds and job contents, they all have quite similar answers. They don’t have time. Today we have developed game market filled with all kinds of games. “Since I can get the same fun, why should I spend my busy time in MMORPGs?”

    They still remember those golden old days in WoW. We pull together to kill a boss down. But they just don’t have enough patience and leisure time as before.

    When we go back home and open the client, wait your team members all gather up and dungeon for at least an hour, let alone the time being defeated by a boss encounter and starting over. After several tossing back-and-forth, we may just get an item with normal stats. Nowadays it is so hard for people repeating the routine over and over again; in addition,we can’t be sure whether we will get an equipment drop, and even sometimes you get a poor roll point and miss it.

    The fun of leveling and dungeons? This process tends to become some kind of mechanized operations. As the pace of life is increasing, people become less patient. They can’t enjoy their slow leveling time, hardly enjoy the scenarios once they loved… Instead, they tend to care about awards for finishing missions…

    So accumulating joys of MMORPGs tends to be cumbersome under that situation. They turn over and start to play MOBA and single player games which prove to be highly efficient.

    Maybe one day, MMORPG achieve the dream of making every hour fulfilling, I can eventually gather all my old brothers gone -- those who had fought with in virtual world; and go back to MMORPGs, again.
  2. whatever

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    I think you should have a try with mid-core mmos where you could get rid of these annoying things. Spending a little time on it and then you don't have to pay much attention. But when you are back, you can get back to hard-core play style immediately. Such as Conquer Online, hanging in there and let it auto hunting or offline training. Hope it will help.
  3. Makeithappen

    Makeithappen Whelp

    I really wanna go back and continue playing with them, since there is a new expansion and they tweet me the new class Lee-Long looks great…
  4. whatever

    whatever Lemming

    It was around ten or so years ago, andCOwas pretty much the only game that I played at the time. I was thoroughly addicted to this game for almost 7 years. My main character at the time was a Trojan by the name of DoubleHit.
  5. Leopoldlee

    Leopoldlee Lemming

    Maybe I will try this again. Life is limited, to be ease is always what I am seeking for.

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