Twitch Reset Alert! Password and Stream Key

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    Password and Stream Key Reset Alert
    Jun 21 2013 · 1,221 comments · News
    Attention: We had a caching issue with our web CDN partner. In order to fully fix this issue, we have had to clear passwords and stream keys for all accounts. To reset your password, go to our password reset page and enter your username to send yourself an email to reset your password. To get your new stream key, go to our Broadcast page and click Show Key.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. More details to follow soon. ... set-alert/


    Site Outage: Passwords and Stream Keys Reset

    Jun 22 2013 · 0 comment · Events
    TL;DR: DON’T PANIC – We were not hacked. Our web CDN made a requested change without obeying our caching rule set, which resulted in some caching that had a (very, very) slim probability of revealing a limited amount of your account information. To be cautious, we’re changing stream keys and requiring a password reset on your next login. Finally, no payment information was exposed as we do not store any of this information.
    We’ll continue to update regarding when the site will be restored, but we wanted to make sure that you change any passwords on other sites that are the same or similar to the password you use on Twitch. ... eys-reset/

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