Trading a few beta keys, let me know

Discussion in 'Game Trading, Beta Codes, Keys, and Giveaways' started by Taliss, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Taliss

    Taliss Lemming

    Trading some keys let me know what u want for any of them


        Scarlet Blade


        Chrono Blade
  2. Spelwerx

    Spelwerx Lemming

    Exactly what do you mean by keys Tal? Also Kartuga is shutting down July 31st 2013 and all these games i see so far is free to play. Hence why i ask what do you exactly mean by keys, please go into more detail so the people know what they are getting themselves into thank you.

    I just check into all the games to make sure for the people that are checking into this post.

    Kartuga: Closing July 31st
    Eldevin: Close Beta
    Scalet Blade: Open Beta Anybody Can Play
    Chrono Blade: Free to Play Already Out
    Loadout: The Information Explains the process thank you Clark

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