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  1. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    Just wanted to see if anyone else is going to play Titanfall when it comes out March 11th! My boyfriend and I preordered the collector's edition. Really excited for this game, I think it will change first person shooters! Hope we can all play together soon!
  2. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    I had so much fun playing this game. I am looking forward to more when it is released.
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  3. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    I need to get so much better at the game. I always start off horrible in FPS and get better with time.

    Wanted to post that my origin name is Meekerooni if anyone wants to add me.
  4. Gorthac

    Gorthac Lemming

    So you're saying you improve as you play more? Who'd of thunk. :p
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  5. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    You'd be surprised. I know people that don't improve over time at all! *cough*

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