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Discussion in 'Upcoming Events' started by Limpy, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    With October right around the corner. I plan to play a lot of Scary games for you guys throughout the month.

    So, tell me which scary games you would like to see me play.

    Here are several I have already played and will not be playing a second time

    Slender: The Arrival
    Prenumbra Series
    The Walking Dead - Season 1 & 2
    Amnesia: Dark Decent & Machine for Pigs

    I have played other horror/scary games and may have missed them above, so if you list them and I have played them and have no intention of playing them again I will add them to the list as we go along.

    Keep in mind Zombie games will be acceptable, but I think it would be much more entertaining if the games had a jump scare component to them. Just sayin...
  2. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    I request that Jelena play another round of scary games. :D

    How about Paranormal. (link provided) I know you don't own it, yet, but it's "just" $10.00 on Steam.
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  3. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    I'll lodge a vote for Outlast. My wife didn't want to play it, but she enjoyed watching me squirm.
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  4. Peacocktail18

    Peacocktail18 Lemming

    • Slendytubbies
    • Yume Nikki
    • Doorways
    I've personally only played Slendytubbies, which is good for both a laugh and a scream! Other two games I did a little research on, and they both look awesome for a scary games marathon. Doorways looks intense!
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  5. Synlenia

    Synlenia Lemming

    Five nights at freddies!
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  6. Imbathijs

    Imbathijs Lemming

    I can recommend checking out "The Midnight Game"
    It is quite difficult to get the hang of but it sure is a very cool and scary game!

    Here is a link with some instructions to help you welcome the Midnight man into your house! (ingame of course )
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  7. iconickgaming

    iconickgaming Lemming

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  8. PeoriaPro

    PeoriaPro Whelp

    I don't care, I just want what's best for business... no wait, I wanna shoot you in the face!
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  9. mcsk2002

    mcsk2002 Lemming

    i would recommend maybe "Resident Evil Revelations"
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  10. BioGenx2b

    BioGenx2b Panda

    Condemned: Criminal Origins

    I'll gift you a copy of the game on Steam if I have to.
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  11. jhajha

    jhajha Lemming

    Dead Frontier
    7 Days to Die
    The Last of Us
    Dead ISland
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  12. Perk

    Perk Lemming

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