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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by enemyfood, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. enemyfood

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    Hello, I have mentioned rift magelo's character tool before.  So I would like to show off my character's equip, main builds, and status.  You can click and change the role, look at notoriety etc.  Many hours have gone into this toon.  As you can see I do much more pvp than pve but my pve gear is at least upgraded infinity stone gear or better.  Role one is my pve build and role two is of course my pvp build.  I had to edit it manually because I am not a premium account on rift Magelo.  :)

  2. Limpy

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    very nice!
  3. Silentfayt

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  4. enemyfood

    enemyfood Whelp

    awesome silent!  my rogue is back on wolfsbane too.  i think we are just on at different times i check to see if you are on sometimes.  but you are a busy man
  5. Silentfayt

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    Yeah, they changed my hours at work, I'm working 4pm to 12am...

    I'm generally online early in the morning, and sometimes when I get home from work.

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