Redemption of EGArena

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    Redemption of EGArena

    Official webpage:
    Official forum:
    Official facebook:
    Official Twitter:
    SKILL EXP: 2000x
    CRAFT EXP: 300x
    WEXP: 40x
    PET EXP: 1500x
    DROP RATE: 100x -> 200x
    ITEM DROP: 1 -> 2
    ALZ DROP: 50x -> 60x
    ALZ BOMB: 50x -> 60x

    Dedicate Server Information:
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quad-Core Haswell
    RAM: 32 GB
    Connection: 1 Gbit/s UP/Down
    DDOS Protected

    Redemption Rapture features:
    24/7 Up-time and professional Support
    Cheats Custom Protection (Cheat Logger and BlackList activated so if you use cheats you will be listed on our logs and will get banned. Proof Image)
    All the server's configuration has been re-modified in that way that all players can enjoy playing without any lag or any unpleasant encounters.

    Leveling system removed and replace with Redeem Ranks
    R.Rank max for the moment is 30 and each redeem ranks has 10 Redeems
    The redeeming is based on the redeem coins that drop from the mobs.

    In redemption we give you the possibility to start with class rank 20 and battle mode 3 among much more! Starting with class rank 20 means that you don't need to do those long and boring class rank quests anymore!
    Mission War (TG runs at certain times, every 4 hours).
    Saint's Forcecalibur Boss in LakeSide every week.
    Daily Boss Raids with unique drops.
    Auction house allows 3 slotted items to be listed.
    Alz drop limit increased to 1 mil instead of the standard 30000.
    EP 10 Skills.
    EP 10 Archridium Sets + Custom Made.
    EP 10 Archridium Weapons + Custom Made.
    EP 10 BM3 Synergys.
    YUL Event System Working.

    Website features:
    -Item Customize'r
    -Rankings characters
    -Characters manager
    -Stats manager
    -Nation manager
    -Redeem manager
    -Vote System with reward
    -Convert Vote Tickets

    Important Upcoming updates:
    -Increasing the HP limit so players can have above 65353 so we will increase the R.Rank to have very strong characters
    -New Gladiator Class(but not by replacing and old one,adding it like it should be as a new class)
    -New Website that will be a lot faster and secure and with a totally new design
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    interesting looking game for sure

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