Recruiting more players for some multiplayer fun :)

Discussion in 'Guild / Clan Chat and Recruitment' started by Bombaklats, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Bombaklats

    Bombaklats Lemming

    Hey my name is pablo aka Bombaklats on MMODEN. I was wondering if anymore would be up for some fun multiplayer when a mate of mine streams when Limpy is offline [indiebob on twitch] for me its always more fun when u play with familiar peeps.I would stream myself if my inet wasnt crappy :) We have a public ts. Games we have played thusfar {the Ship/ Killing Floor/ world of Tanks / Left 4 Dead2 / Starmade /Serious Sam 3 BFE [up to 16 player co-op!] / Dayz SA / Arma2 Dayz mod] Upcoming: warframe warthunder garry's mod TF2 and many more.

    I also have a league of legends account i play mainly on euw so if u ever intrested in playing with us let me know or leave ur steam name in the topic or have a look at indiebobs stream when Limpy is offline he does giveaways as well for those intrested [starbound the ship and eurotruck simulator and other games have been in the giveaways]

    anyways looking forward to playing with u guys

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