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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by NamasteGeek, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. NamasteGeek

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    Okay, General, Ash, Limpy...others:
    So I have played the vanilla MC for 2-3 months now (I know, such a long time) and am ready to look into mods/texture packs etc...a question on texture packs-if you dl one, say the Chroma Hills one I think Limpy has used, does that completely replace your old texture pack? If so, is there even a way to just ADD to the default one instead of replacing it? I do not necessarily want them to go away, just want more options.

    Be kind, I am still new at this...and yes, I do still try to get to the Olimpyans MC server...just having so much fun learning and playing! Thanks all!
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    When you install the texture pack, you need to load it from the game. When you load it inside the game you will "unload" the default textures. They won't be gone forever, just as long as you use the new pack. Hopefully that makes sense and also answers your question. :p
  3. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    It does, thank you. So unfortunately I cannot have it all, huh? All the resources/textures that is...But it is good to branch out now and then, too. I may have to play around with a few. :D

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