Path of Exile, version 1.0.0 - 23rd Oct 2013.

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  1. check these out: ... this-month

    for a longer preview, watch this:


    ...Steam support, with achievements (o noez! :O)...
    ...New support gem type - "trigger gems"...


    Fabled seventh exile class, to be unlockable at end of normal difficulty.  Starts in the centre of the skill tree.

    (i'm not too sure i dig all these new things... but i'll be open-minded & i'll definitely check it out.)

    Edit: UPDATE!

    actually, the new leagues ("domination" & "nemesis") sound cool.  so do the "shrines" - tagging a "shrine" sounds awesome :D  and GUILDS!  yes!  'bout time!  'specially guild-vs-guild!

    so now, i'm digging it.
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    You were so excited, what happened?
  3. firstly, i wanna say that PoE is STILL a great game.  one of the best.  ever.  it's completely free to play, made by real gamers in new zealand and the devs are in it for the passion of gaming + not really for the $.

    it's already a classic, and will be remembered in decades to come as a brilliant game.  however, it does have it's flaws.

    in no particular order:

    1.  i was hoping weapon-switching would be fixed.  the only reason to have a second weapon slot, is to hold gems to level-up; not for switching from say, a ranged weapon to a melee weapon.  if this worked, we might have seen more build diversity.

    2.  the "shrines" of domination league feel a bit... "gimicky".  i LOVED the rogue exiles that anarchy league had - they were fun + challenging and when you beat them you feel like you've accomplished something.  the shrines make it feel... onerous and yield very little reward.

    3.  some of the new artwork was great (i love the tortured carcasses on the coast), but seeing the spirits released from their mortal coil when you kill them felt a bit "1990s".  it's a small complaint, but it didn't make me go "WOW!", but rather, "w.t.f.?!".

    4.  the scion talks waaaaaay too much.

    5.  game graphics programming still need optimisation.  particle effects can really hurt your FPS.  i don't have a crash-hot computer, but i had NO PROBLEMS playing solo until i reached dominus.  then i went from 40 FPS down to 15-18 FPS with all the fancy-shmancy lighting etc he deals.  that area was nigh-unplayable for me.

    6.  the nerfs to magic find in the new leagues really hurt.  i like to solo at least normal + cruel difficulties, and party-up for SOME of merciless.  but i don't care what anyone else says - nerfing increased item quantity did + does hurt the solo player.  i only got decent drops when i partied a little in the lower levels (finding a chaos + a gem cutter's prism + other nice finds), but solo... well - i had to face dominus with mediocre BLUE GEAR.  i was always completely decked-out in yellow gear by mid-normal otherwise.  supposedly, drops by bosses were buffed, but i didn't see any real increase - despite wearing 80+ increase item rarity gear.  (btw - i don't like trading.  and i could never accrue enough wealth or good items to trade anyway.)

    7.  i found the "animate weapon" melee gem to be utterly dumb: i'll animate some sword, go off to find a monster to kill - but the weapon will still be half a screen away.  i've often killed the enemy before the animated weapon's come into range.

    i'd been playing PoE INTENSELY since open-β, but the last few weeks i got a little bored if it.  with the new leagues + the rest of act 3, the additions failed to light my fire.  i'm not saying i'll never go back to playing PoE.  i'll take a break for a few months + get a better gaming computer.  but then, i'll probably become obsessed with those "other" games coming out in 2014... (elite: dangerous; star citizen; limit theory - anything that involves flying around + shooting stuff up in space :p )

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