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    Greetings OLimpyans!

    I have created a new program here on the website that helps support MMODen and everything that we do as OLimpyans. This program will be ever evolving and is meant not only to support the channel, but also to give you all an opportunity to earn some nifty little perks as well.

    Here are a list of Perks that those who subscribe here on the website will receive:
    • Subscribers Choice - First thing that will happen, is that there is a new forum that only Subscribers can see. This forum will be filled with Subscriber Only giveaways, as well as Sub Only Info and Sub Polls, where the Subs will get to choose what games I (Limpy) play!
    • Bonus Monthly Giveaway Entry - That is right! Subbing here on the Website is the one and only way for you to get a second entry to the $500 Monthly Giveaway CLICK HERE for Details
    • Special Subscriber Forum Status - You will have a special banner here on the forum under your name that only Subs of the forum will have. Sub on both Twitch and the Forum and you will have two banners!
    • Mid Month Giveaway Eligible - That is right, if you Sub here, you are also Eligible for the Mid Month Sub Only Giveaway. Sub to the Forum and Twitch and get entered TWICE!
    • A Personalized Thank You From Jelena (PG) - That is right, I will post a personalized Thank you message from Jelena herself where she thanks you for your Sub!
    • Donation of 20% of Sub Revenue - 20% of all sub revenue each month will be donated to charity. Each month selecting a charity of need.
    This is just the start of the program and as stated it is ever evolving. Items may be added, changed, or removed. I want to thank you all for your support, whether you are able to join this program or not. You all mean the world to me, and I wouldn't do what I do if I didn't love it! If you do have any suggestions I am very open to ideas that can make the program better, so please feel free to post below.

    Now you may be asking yourself, "How do I subscribe?"
    1. Make sure you are logged in here at forum.mmoden.com
    2. In the upper right hand corner you will see your chosen nick Hover over your name
    3. The menu that pops up will have an option in the lower right "Account Upgrade"
    4. Click this and choose the subscription
    5. From there enjoy your new found perks! And remember...
    Till Next Time, Keep on Fapping! Thanks for Watching and Supporting!
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