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Discussion in 'Wildstar' started by Limpy, May 29, 2014.

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    After taking everything into consideration. To join Limpy and the OLimpyan guild. Here is what you will need to do:

    • Join the PvE Orias Server, That's right we will be the OLimpyans of Orias...
    • Create a Dominion Character...
    • Message Limpy or one of the Guild Officers (Names Added Later)
    So prepare yourselves for war! I will be looking for individuals to step up in the following capacity.

    • Officers
    • Guild Recruitment
    • Dungeon Leader
    • Raid Leader
    • Master of War Plots
    • and much more
    If you think you have the chops to fill one of the above roles, please post here and let us know your street cred.

    I want to make sure the guild has people helping each other level, but also has scheduled events each week that are available for people to take part in and also make sure people are getting achievements in game that require groups and team work.

    I will be setting up a separate TeamSpeak3 for the Guild and those details will be available soon.

    Thanks and see you all in game late Saturday!
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    Once we get to big PVE content would like to help out more, ex wow player form BC-Wrath on one of the top horde guilds on Jubie'thos (Oceanic)... had a few 1st kills for the server along with loved the 6h raids every night to maybe get gear lol..

    but all depends on how active i am in this game to if i would want to have a bigger role, love this community and will follow it through most mmo's now :D
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