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  1. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Hey guys,

    As many of you know we have a new bot. I am going to talk about a few of the features that it has and that I hope it will have in the near future.

    BrickleBits (!bricklebits)
    This is the currency of OLimpyus. Players will earn points every 15 minutes while the stream is live, and every 60 minutes while I am offline. SUBSCRIBERS will earn a bonus to their points for their extra support.

    You can check your current total by type in the command above and see how many BrickleBits you currently have. This may change in the future to where you have to come here to the forums to check this total, but at this time that is not possible so the checks will have to be done in the chat. Please try and control checking this every 30 seconds =)

    BrickleBits can be used for BankHeists, more on that below. They will also be used for giveaways and more.

    BankHeists (!bankheist #)
    Currently these can happen every 30 minutes, and need to be initiated by someone in chat. Role play this however you choose. The # in the command above is how much money/BrickleBits you wish to pledge towards to heist. These will be used for guns, ammo, gear, getaway cars, you name it. There is a chance you will be killed and if you are you lose your investment. Those that win reap all the spoils.

    The more people that participate the bigger the bank that the crew will go after. This means bigger LOOTS!

    In the long run I hope to change this to a more Fantasy themed option, but for now the BankHeists will have to do.

    Other Commands

    All Users

    !bot : Displays information on the current bot version and website link
    !<currency name> : Displays the current points a user holds (e.g. !karma if the stream currency is called karma)
    !vip : Displays VIP info with rank and subscription expiry date (Only for VIPs)
    !ticket x : Enters an open raffle with specified number of tickets (e.g. !ticket 4 to purchase 4 tickets)
    !bid x : Enters a bid during an open auction (e.g. !bid 400 to bid 400 points)
    !bets x y : When betting pools are open, it enters your bet of "x" points on option "y" (e.g. !bets 100 2).
    !btag x : Enters the users btag into the global database (e.g. !btag XxDeePxX#6634 )
    !raffle help : Command to show users status of current raffles
    !betting help : Command to show users status of current betting pool
    !bankheist x : Command to start a bank heist and gamble some of your points against the bot. Survive, and you will walk away rich!
    !joinarena x : Command to join an arena and wager some of your points in a fight against other viewers. Survive, and you walk away richer!
    Also I wanted to post the Ranks you can earn with the point system:


    0 - 2 Hrs​
    Apprentice - Grade 1
    2 - 4 Hrs​
    Apprentice - Grade 2
    4 - 8 Hrs​
    Private - Grade 1
    8 - 16 Hrs​
    Private - Grade 2
    16 - 32 Hrs​
    Corporal - Grade 1
    32 - 64 Hrs
    3 Days​
    Corporal - Grade 2
    64 - 128 Hrs
    5 Days​
    Sergeant - Grade 1
    128 - 192 Hrs
    8 Days​
    Sergeant - Grade 2
    192 - 240 Hrs
    10 Days​
    Sergeant - Grade 3
    240 - 300 Hrs
    13 Days​
    Gunnery Sergeant - Grade 1
    300 - 375 Hrs
    16 Days​
    Gunnery Sergeant - Grade 2
    375 - 469 Hrs
    20 Days​
    Gunnery Sergeant - Grade 3
    469 - 586 Hrs
    24 Days​
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    586 - 732 Hrs
    31 Days​
    Lieutenant - Grade 1
    732 - 842 Hrs
    35 Days​
    Lieutenant - Grade 2
    842 - 969 Hrs
    40 Days​
    Lieutenant - Grade 3
    969 - 1114 Hrs
    46 Days​
    First Lieutenant
    1114 - 1259 Hrs
    52 Days​
    Captain - Grade 1
    1259 - 1422 Hrs
    59 Days​
    Captain - Grade 2
    1422 - 1607 Hrs
    67 Days​
    Captain - Grade 3
    1607 - 1816 Hrs
    76 Days​
    Staff Captain
    1816 - 2052 Hrs
    86 Days​
    Major - Grade 1
    2052 - 2278 Hrs
    95 Days​
    Major - Grade 2
    2278 - 2529 Hrs
    105 Days​
    Major - Grade 3
    2529 - 2756 Hrs
    115 Days​
    Field Major
    2756 - 3004 Hrs
    125 Days​
    Commander - Grade 1
    3004 - 3275 Hrs
    136 Days​
    Commander - Grade 2
    3275 - 3569 Hrs
    149 Days​
    Commander - Grade 3
    3569 - 3891 Hrs
    162 Days​
    Strike Commander
    3891 - 4241 Hrs
    177 Days​
    Colonel - Grade 1
    4241 - 4623 Hrs
    193 Days​
    Colonel - Grade 2
    4623 - 5039 Hrs
    210 Days​
    Colonel - Grade 3
    5039 - 5492 Hrs
    229 Days​
    Force Colonel
    5492 - 5986 Hrs
    249 Days​
    Brigadier - Grade 1
    5986 - 6525 Hrs
    272 Days​
    Brigadier - Grade 2
    6525 - 7112 Hrs
    296 Days​
    Brigadier - Grade 3
    7112 - 7752 Hrs
    323 Days​
    Brigadier General
    7752 - 8450 Hrs
    352 Days​
    General - Grade 1
    8450 - 9211 Hrs
    384 Days​
    General - Grade 2
    9211 - 10040 Hrs
    418 Days​
    General - Grade 3
    10040 - 10943 Hrs
    456 Days​
    5-Star General
    10943 - 11928 Hrs
    497 Days​

    I will post more here as we start to dive into more and more of the features of the new bot.
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  2. EvilSins

    EvilSins Panda

    Jesus! That's a lot of ranks! ^^
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  3. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Yes it is!
  4. Gwydo

    Gwydo Panda

    Couple of questions,
    First: !btag . What is "the global database" and why would I want to be entered into it?
    Two, the rank system. Is that starting as of Monday (3/3/14) or will it be backdated to whenever the individual followed/subscribed?
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  5. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    Pretty neat, Limpy!
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  6. darktunnels

    darktunnels Lemming

    I will be a 5 star general in no time ;)
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  7. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Great questions Gwydo.

    the Btag is there to track peoples Battle Tag in the event I run a giveaway where you guys can donate gold from Diablo or WoW to enter giveaways.

    The rank system came with the bot, so there is no way for me to track time watched and such prior to the bots installation on Saturday night. So it will be from this point forward.
  8. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    Thanks for the link here from chat! Just signed up for the forums. This new bot sounds kind of fun. Appreciate all your work Limpy!
  9. Synlenia

    Synlenia Lemming

    Can honestly say not a fan of this... I get that its new so everyone is obsessed but its really turning me off chatting because no one cares about stream anymore
  10. Gwydo

    Gwydo Panda

    Yeah, it's kinda hard to hold a conversation when everyone is more concerned with "Bricklebits".
  11. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    Once we have the forum integration the chat will be more how you remember it. Not only that, it's new. It's the new shiny thing and soon enough chat will be as it used to be.
  12. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Actually this has been a bit of a catch 22. Right now because it is the new shiny object people are checking their Bricklebits and wanting to play in the games more often than I would like.

    But, this has also actually lead to several people who didn't normally take part in chat doing so.

    So far it has not hindered my ability to keep up with the conversation. And many of the channels I have found that have had this installed for a while see the borderline excessive point checking and such calm down and it has become a major boon to the channel.

    As Ash has stated, the long term goal is to make the points checkable through the forum here and that will eliminate a lot of the chat spam.

    I appreciate you guys bearing with me through the growth process of the stream.
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  13. EQSkullkicker

    EQSkullkicker Lemming

    All good Limpy... people will calm down with the heist / bit spam. Its a nice way to promote interaction with the lurkers...
  14. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    I like that it promotes interaction between users. It's lighthearted good fun. The novelty will die off soon enough.
  15. Gorthac

    Gorthac Lemming

    I am in the same boat with Synlenia. That being said, as a 30+ year old it is natural to greet sudden changes negatively. However, I for one have come to accept our new brickle overlord. It's tricky. On one hand I would like the stream to stay the same way I found it but on the other hand I want the stream and Limpy to succeed even further and keep growing. But I try and not be selfish so I can only trust the judgment of Limpy in these matters. I believe in you buddy (sorry i've been an asshat).

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  16. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    I still love you!
  17. Drifter316

    Drifter316 Lemming

    The Underoos Ranger approves of losing and dying in all the Bank Heists.
  18. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    New bot is failed! By "failed", I mean a total success...
  19. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    Stop beating the dead horse that is this thread. :p
  20. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    It is now the most popular thread on the forum! :D We did it.

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