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  1. Limpy

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    #1: "Everybody is flexible when they're dead" -Limpy (11-Sep-15)
    #5: "I'll take that 12 inches and I'll be happy" -Limpy (09-Oct-15)
    #6: "Why is your face an ass?" -Limpy (09-Oct-15)
    #7: ""I'm going to murder your fucking face off"" -Chris(UntilDawn) (13-Oct-15)
    #8: "Damnit, I didn't get him when he was bent over!" -Limpy (15-Oct-15)
    #9: "My girls got mad flavor yo." -rabidus12 (15-Oct-15)
    #10: "I like wormy boners." -rabidus12 (15-Oct-15)
    #11: "I'll make you flexible." -limpy (16-Oct-15)
    #12: "Oh! Wrong Hole!" -Jelena (16-Oct-15)
    #13: "I blame Bon Jovi" -rabidus12 (19-Oct-15)
    #14: "I only like stiff boners!" -rabidus12 (20-Oct-15)
    #15: "I'll fix your stiffy" -zeleena120 (20-Oct-15)
    #17: "never fart on a dudes balls!" -powergoogle (21-Oct-15)
    #18: "I've got this giant shafty thing to stick up your butt" -limpy (27-Oct-15)
    #19: "It can go in the little hole" -Limpy (27-Oct-15)
    #20: "I fap to Limpy's face every day, but I'd prefer if MrDopehead made porn so I could fap to him instead" -Minjur (27-Oct-15)
    #21: ""Sorry, I only meant to partially explode you."" -Limpy (27-Oct-15)
    #22: "I look like a homeless guy? That's funny. I'm the exact opposite of a homeless guy." -Limpy (27-Oct-15)
    #23: "How hard do I have to shoot him in the back to get his attention?" -Limpy (27-Oct-15)
    #24: "the cock will kill her" -JPIMP1988 (28-Oct-15)
    #30: "The more games I play, the wrinklier my balls get." -Limpy (29-Oct-15)
    #32: "She couldn't get past the cock!" -Limpy (29-Oct-15)
    #33: "Do you hear that? That's the sound of 3,5 billion women who now cry since Limpy can't change it to hard ( ?° ?? ?°)" -Thekommex (29-Oct-15)
    #34: ""And now that the bot is off it's hard"." -Im_klara (29-Oct-15)
    #35: ""I got something long and hard for your face"" -Limpy (30-Oct-15)
    #36: "rub it on your balls for fun Kappa" -JPIMP1988 (30-Oct-15)
    #38: "fuck this with a nail driven dildo" -ixt000 (30-Oct-15)
    #39: "How did he live through three handjobs?!" -Limpy (30-Oct-15)
    #40: "limpy just go in balls deep everytime" -JPIMP1988 (30-Oct-15)
    #41: "gCrusher is not funny." -rabidus12 (02-Nov-15)
    #42: "at least he is shooting at my balz" -wel (03-Nov-15)
    #43: "I love kenshin like a garbage dump hooker." -RiPPeR7666 (03-Nov-15)
    #44: "Damn thats almost as long as ive got ghonorrea." -Minjur (03-Nov-15)
    #45: "The bot fucked me hard." -JPIMP1988 (04-Nov-15)
    #46: "I suck" -Minjur (04-Nov-15)
    #47: "I'm willing to lick a mean pussy, so PLEASE let me win this battle." -ixt000 (05-Nov-15)
    #48: "Fuck you bricklebot .. i will beat you to death .. you little fuck" -Klara (05-Nov-15)
    #49: "I am sexy and I know it." -Minjur (05-Nov-15)
    50: "JPIMP1988, is not cool or sexy. sorry brah." -rabidus12 (05-Nov-15)
    #51: "oh great were doomed all because of gcrusher" -JPIMP1988 (06-Nov-15)
    #52: "instead of a raging hard on i have a raging limpy" -JPIMP1988 (06-Nov-15)
    #53: "no one likes soft boners" -rabidus12 (06-Nov-15)
    #54: "it fucked me!" -Limpy (06-Nov-15)
    #55: "I still think he is sucking a mean dick." -ixt000 (08-Nov-15)
    #56: "Shit on ME!!" -Limpy (09-Nov-15)
    #57: "i've seen kenshin2666, i've dreamed of kenshin2666... i mean, no, what!" -rabidus12 (09-Nov-15)
    #58: "Let's get back inside before they tear my dress off and do dirty things to me!" -Limpy (09-Nov-15)
    #60: "i would kill for a big fat sausage in my mouth right now." -joostjuhh26 (09-Nov-15)
    #61: "what is that....... BOOBIES" -Limpy (10-Nov-15)
    #62: "Sorry jpimp1988, the quote you requested was not found." -BrickleBot (10-Nov-15)
    #63: "some nights you want to ram that dick meter to the top right!" -rabidus12 (12-Nov-15)
    #64: "gCrusher, earlier Science proved that i could shit in the sink. your thoughts?" -rabidus12 (12-Nov-15)
    #65: "That fucking spit can suck on my sack" -Limpy (12-Nov-15)
    #66: "load your junk in it and fire away" -JPIMP1988 (13-Nov-15)
    #67: "12 year olds dont have feelings" -Lyr84 (13-Nov-15)
    #68: "Sploded youuuu!" -Limpy (13-Nov-15)
    #69: "He took that to the face and kept cummin!" -Limpy (13-Nov-15)
    #70: ""If I see a body part, I should be able to hit it"" -Limpy (13-Nov-15)
    #71: "Limpy" - (14-Nov-15)
    #72: "Oh My God, I'm going to shove a hot poker in your ass!!" -Limpy (14-Nov-15)
    #73: "Cause war, War never changes" -Silentreaper1998 (14-Nov-15)
    #74: "I guess my skin colour is starting to match my cock" -Limpy (14-Nov-15)
    #75: "He fucking skin shafted me" -Limpy (14-Nov-15)
    #76: "Sell the rubber!!!! Nukelar STDSs are a bitch!" -1conix (14-Nov-15)
    #77: "why not limpy take a look at the computer and fap" -JPIMP1988 (14-Nov-15
    #78: "the janitors terminal? that'll just be filled with porn" -Limpy (14-Nov-15)
    #79: "I fap to limpy all day .. everyday" -Im_klara (16-Nov-15)
    #80: "Let's see how much junk I have... oh, not as much as I thought." -Limpy (16-Nov-15)
    #81: "yes, there is a special place you put it" -Zerbious (16-Nov-15)
    #82: "I cannot get good head to save my life! can quote me on that." -Limpy (17-Nov-15)
    #83: "How do you know theres a vibrator named "black dinamite"." -DerKopfsammler (17-Nov-15)
    #84: "I don't have cancer, swagger_jagger420, I'm just more evolved so I need less hair than your monkey ass." -Limpy (17-Nov-15)
    #85: "its flaming and its hot and its going to your face" -Limpy (17-Nov-15)
    #86: "u suck your team so good??? @Im_klara" -RiPPeR7666 (17-Nov-15)
    #87: "Holy Bradley Ramone!" -Limpy (18-Nov-15)
    #89: "A prolapse is a pain in the ass." -Limpy (18-Nov-15)
    #90: "Rule #34 of the Interwebz: if something exists, porn of it exists." -playkrab (19-Nov-15)
    #91: "What drugs are in this burrito?" -Network_Nerd (19-Nov-15)
    #92: "Im gonna give you my warm coat, because its cuddly and warm and it will fit over your penis." -Limpy (19-Nov-15)
    #93: "i'm trying to fap grandma!" -rabidus12 (19-Nov-15)
    #94: "i'll take a nice dick thank you" -rabidus12 (19-Nov-15)
    #95: "Should totally just get on the horn and make them come to us." -Limpy (20-Nov-15)
    #96: "Whenever I get those guys alone, I need to start breaking out the goods. So much purple junk!" -Limpy (20-Nov-15)
    #97: "do you guys also have an ichy anus sometimes?" -Diceble (20-Nov-15)
    #99: "Is that a speculum?!" -Limpy (24-Nov-15)
    #100: "I haven't killed anything today! That's so weird!" -Limpy (24-Nov-15)
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  2. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    #101: "I love the dick" -Minjur (24-Nov-15)
    #102: "Limpy has leadership qualities... look at all of us nerds sitting around watching him play a video game in a gas mask and devil horns... :)" -DrafinTolra (25-Nov-15)
    #103: "Can I fit 5 in there? I guess we'll find out" -Limpy (25-Nov-15)
    #104: "More boners...we're finding more boners....that's good!" -Limpy (27-Nov-15)
    #105: "I don't know, I'm looking for Kung Fu panda not some noodles cart he's pushing around selling" -Limpy (27-Nov-15)
    #106: "Don't hate me because I'm taking all these boners. They don't need them anymore." -Limpy (30-Nov-15)
    #107: "you can't just have a finger up your butt. it has to be a doctor Limpy. FailFish ." -rabidus12 (01-Dec-15)
    #108: "if you can do it hard with Limpy, just DO IT!" -KuadinsFriend (01-Dec-15)
    #109: "Wow. Limpy said I did a good job..." -Minjur (01-Dec-15)
    #110: "stop masturbating for 5 seconds gCrusher FailFish ." -rabidus12 (01-Dec-15)
    #111: "[Limpy] WORLD is out, WHITE is out... "My dick is out."" -cheesefoxz (02-Dec-15)
    #112: "Gas masks and cowboy hats. Two of my favorite things. ;w; <3 lol" -MissYeefi (02-Dec-15)
    #113: "Futa are beautiful!" -gCrusher (02-Dec-15)
    #114: "Stop shooting at me, I'm trying to have FUN!" -Limpy (03-Dec-15)
    #115: "I am so tight!" -Limpy (03-Dec-15)
    #116: "dammit gcrusher :p ." -Minjur (03-Dec-15)
    #117: ""Make me a bicycle, clown!" Are you sure you haven't been ridden enough?" -gCrusher (04-Dec-15)
    #119: "I think the bot is just getting my hopes up before it completely owns the shit out of my virgin asshole" -ixt000 (08-Dec-15)
    #120: "gCrusher, have you ever fucked a gallon of frozen ice cream?" -rabidus12 (09-Dec-15)
    #121: "It's a good thing that random toilet was just sitting out there." -Limpy (09-Dec-15)
    #122: "A little F5 for gCrusher..." -Limpy (09-Dec-15)
    #123: "" "" -Limpy (09-Dec-15)
    #124: "im eating cock sandwiches later" -JPIMP1988 (10-Dec-15)
    #125: "What do you have inside of you? Besides your death?" -Limpy (10-Dec-15)
    #126: "That frag mine can suck on my wienerhat." -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #127: "rub it on your balls for fun Kappa ." -JPIMP1988 (14-Dec-15)
    #128: "Suck on my balls game" -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #129: "Fuck your face" -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #130: "The end the end, the end the end." -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #131: "If the channel becomes mature, are we still allowed to act immature?" -sodabread (14-Dec-15)
    #132: "Oh mother flipper" -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #133: "Proost Moth#####kers LimpyC" -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #134: "I should totally go to the Star Wars premiere dressed as a Klingon" -Limpy (14-Dec-15)
    #135: "To Dark Vader Nerd: Which of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up" -TriumphTheInsultComicDog (14-Dec-15)
    #136: "i am just in and out haha i like it in and out i mean what" -zeleena120 (14-Dec-15)
    #137: "Mistah Fucka!" -Codsworth (15-Dec-15)
    #138: "dude,,, my heart is in my asshole right now" -JoJiLyNn (15-Dec-15)
    #139: "ah, the cumshot... very deadly XD" -5URG3_OFFICIAL (15-Dec-15)
    #140: "just shoot him in the boner. that easy" -CrackinColdOne5 (15-Dec-15)
    #141: "I don't understand how he opened up so fast that time!" -Limpy (15-Dec-15)
    #142: "Oh Mother Fudger!" -Limpy (16-Dec-15)
    #143: "Eat a bowl of dicks, game." -Limpy (16-Dec-15)
    #144: "Come on! You prick-a-lick!" -Limpy (16-Dec-15)
    #145: "[Limpy's] butthole was SO clenched!" -KillerDreaming (16-Dec-15)
    #146: "i wish we were all men and gays sometimes" -rabidus12 (18-Dec-15)
    #147: "zel is crazy Kappa ." -rabidus12 (18-Dec-15)
    #148: "I just want to smear blood all over my underparts Kappa ." -gogoo345 (18-Dec-15)
    #150: "i got 47 gbs free on my hard drive how much room can one game take it keeps saying not enough dick space" -bearrippers (21-Dec-15)
    #151: "Look at this beautiful bastard. How big is his cock?" -Limpy (21-Dec-15)
    #152: "I did a weird pumpkin once." -gCrusher (21-Dec-15)
    #153: "Now shit's getting weird!" -Limpy (26-Dec-15)
    #154: "who wants to get porked?" -JPIMP1988 (26-Dec-15)
    #155: "Sometimes I'm a screamer." -gCrusher (26-Dec-15)
    #156: "got so drunk i couldn't tell guys from girls. a pretty good christmas if you ask me Kreygasm ." -Spindart (26-Dec-15)
    #157: "Ahahahaha. SHUT UP." -Limpy (26-Dec-15)
    #158: "I don't think you can go into JC3 for some serious gameplay, it's more like a "I wonder what happens when I strap rockets to this dudes crotch" kinda game" -ThrashDXS (28-Dec-15)
    #159: "i'm going to google image search jill hole. wish me luck." -rabidus12 (28-Dec-15)
    #160: "It's more than whale sex" -Limpy (28-Dec-15)
    #161: "Fat people can't 69 on a hill limpy they will just roll down and take shit out" -Pandoraheals (28-Dec-15)
    #162: "who needs a stress ball, kill some shit" -AxeGroundSoul (29-Dec-15)
    #163: "I may have to show you my grind spot." -Limpy (29-Dec-15)
    #164: "Cock is the life for me." -JPIMP1988 (29-Dec-15)
    #165: "boots are pain in the ass. you can't get the pants off. FailFish ." -rabidus12 (30-Dec-15)
    #166: "I can put my balls in a door hinge, doesn't mean I should JPimp" -AxeGroundSoul (30-Dec-15)
    #167: "If i have sex with my cousin that's my wife, is that a threesome?" -cheesefoxz (30-Dec-15)
    #168: "Im sleepy.. limpy do it faster Kappa ." -Im_Klara (30-Dec-15)
    #169: "minjurbread man melts in your mouth" -JPIMP1988 (30-Dec-15)
    #170: "yeah, Minjur can't teach anything, besides good hand j o b technique" -AxeGroundSoul (30-Dec-15)
    #171: "i tell you what the next person who asks when the giveaway is or asks about it unless your a mod or sub i will time you out faster then you can beat your meat on a Sunday afternoon" -JPIMP1988 (30-Dec-15)
    #172: "He's back up! Come for me now!" -Minjur (30-Dec-15)
    #173: "Keep the monsters away from your orbs or they'll suck up your mana" -Limpy (04-Jan-16)
    #174: "Those Giants fuck you hard" -Im_Klara (04-Jan-16)
    #175: "JPimp loves me, this I know. For the Sutra tells me so. Little holes to him belong, they are weak, but he is strong. YES, JPimp loves meeee, yes JPimp loves meee, yes JPimp loves me, the Sutra tells me sooo." -AxeGroundSoul (04-Jan-16)
    #176: "F#!K Y*^" -Limpy (04-Jan-16)
    #177: "Boners n' lube is my shiiiuuut" -cheesefoxz (04-Jan-16)
    #178: "Foreplay is when you touch butts and scream HALLELUJAH right?" -cheesefoxz (04-Jan-16)
    #179: "Why is she covered is sperm Limpy?" -Pandoraheals (05-Jan-16)
    #181: "Cameras don't take shits! They take pictures!" -cookiehplayz (05-Jan-16)
    #182: "Hey I can be a pervert on her! She's 18!" -Limpy (05-Jan-16)
    #183: "No no no no noooo nooo noooo noooooo!!!!....noooo noooo nooooooo nooooo noo" -Limpy (05-Jan-16)
    #184: "Daddy can you cream me?" -Limpy (05-Jan-16)
    #185: "But you're Limpy! Just wave your penis or something and that should fix it" -Icelord1823 (06-Jan-16)
    #186: "Fuck off people im trying to save the universe!" -JPIMP1988 (07-Jan-16)
    #187: "It'd be easier to sacrifice the town if she had big tits. Just sayin!" -Limpy (07-Jan-16)
    #188: "im not watching Limpy sacrifice a good bisexual woman for his own sick pleasure." -tinywulf (07-Jan-16)
    #189: "Belly button lint cleaning happens regularly, it's like lounging around the house with your hand just down your pants" -ThrashDXS (07-Jan-16)
    #190: "Imma charm the aliens to do my bidding" -Minjur (07-Jan-16)
    #191: "I don't always use coconut oil, but when I do, it's usually when I'm doing anal." -JPIMP1988 (07-Jan-16)
    #192: "Yea thats right! fuck him in the face Klara!!" -Limpy (08-Jan-16)
    #193: "Fuck a duck!" -Limpy (08-Jan-16)
    #194: "Fucking reactionary fire, you fucking stupid fucking tank!" -Limpy (08-Jan-16)
    #195: "Im used to alien invasions" -AnxietyGirl (08-Jan-16)
    #196: "FUCK! Screwed up! Whatever. It's fine." -Limpy (11-Jan-16)
    #197: "This game is on a fuck you protocol." -AxeGroundSoul (11-Jan-16)
    #198: "I can friggen tie a grenade to my dick and fling it further than that!" -Limpy (13-Jan-16)
    #199: "Fat Jesus shooting. . . big stuff." -Limpy (14-Jan-16)
    #200: "TangentGaming, have you ever played Long War? Don't! You'd rather have Lorena Bobbit cut your dick off." -Limpy (14-Jan-16)
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  3. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    #201: "Agh! Fuck her in the ASS!" -Klara(Discord) (15-Jan-16)
    #202: "Where's Crusher when you need him?" -Klara (15-Jan-16)
    #203: "Klara just needs a round of Ds" -AxeGroundSoul (19-Jan-16)
    #204: "It's official. We have Tentacle Porn." -Limpy (21-Jan-16)
    #205: "How the FUCK do I milk you, Jelena?" -Limpy (21-Jan-16)
    #207: "Get 'em, JJ! Bounce on them fat fuckers!" -Limpy (21-Jan-16)
    #208: "I'm going to shank your foreskin." -Limpy (22-Jan-16)
    #209: "Brace yourselves . . . here it comes! Kreygasm" -Gogoo345 (22-Jan-16)
    #210: "man at my age its not the face your fuckin its the fuck your facin" -JPIMP1988 (22-Jan-16)
    #211: "My trouser snake always has its teeth brushed" -gogoo345 (22-Jan-16)
    #212: "If you spoon with me, you're getting forked." -AxeGroundSoul (22-Jan-16)
    #213: "Now, remember dudes and dudettes. Spooning sometimes leads to forking. Be gentle with Pimp, Axe. o:" -MissYeefi (22-Jan-16)
    #214: ""Axe is passionate about his anal."" -QuartzDragonFire (22-Jan-16)
    #215: "Don't let them in me!" -Limpy (22-Jan-16)
    #216: "i fuck while rubbing bacon on my partner" -Alexandrox28 (22-Jan-16)
    #217: "I can't yell at you to come any more." -Limpy (22-Jan-16)
    #218: "WELCOME TO www buy gold com !!! Kappa 13844351€ every 2 gold" -DerKopfsammler (25-Jan-16)
    #219: "size does not matter i just keep killing you guys - Limpy" -Roster (25-Jan-16)
    #220: "dd Missed ME! dd" -Limpy (25-Jan-16)
    #221: "" ass is swollen......."" -Limpy (25-Jan-16)
    #222: "Only one female in chat. its a goddamn sausage fest in here." -JPIMP1988 (25-Jan-16)
    #223: "Happy B-day dear PetHunter" -Limpy (26-Jan-16)
    #224: "NOTICE: Accepting any all donations to help this poor soul to continue indulging in his BB gambling addiction without the worry of falling below 200k BB's. Kappa Kappa Kappa . and Kappa for good measure." -ixt000 (26-Jan-16)
    #225: "you guys made me smile like a wishfull idiot xD!" -Hellhunteer (26-Jan-16)
    #227: "dd It's Booty Time Booty Time / Across the USA / It's Booty Time Booty Time / Hey Hey Hey d?" -Limpy (27-Jan-16)
    #228: "best physics are boob physics. - playkrab" -The (27-Jan-16)
    #229: "I just want to win battles, is that too much to ask for you ass sucking, dick chocking, cum swallowing, piece of rat shit Bot?" -ixt000 (27-Jan-16)
    #230: "Old enough to know better; still too young to care." -VarsityGaming (27-Jan-16)
    #231: "Refuse to fail is what i live by. and the leprechaun hat works with my irish heritage" -pleadinsanity13 (27-Jan-16)
    #232: "You can be a pervert CONSTANTLY in this game... as if I'm not one outside of the game." -Limpy (28-Jan-16)
    #233: "fuck you sideways and throw you off a cliff, BrickleBot. your days are NUMBERED, and the number is Go FUCK yourself!!! I hate that bot Pimp....HATE it! I'd shove a pineapple up its tutued ass if I could." -AxeGroundSoul (28-Jan-16)
    #234: "wait, derk, did you just say you get a full Bukake in your mouth when you go to a Japanese restaurant???" -ixt000 (28-Jan-16)
    #235: "!top 2 Users with top BrickleBits are: 1. mmoden (9,872,045), 2. limpy (3,814,695.2). I don't see you ixt." -Sirregular (29-Jan-16)
    #236: "I want doggy." -Im_Klara (29-Jan-16)
    #237: "You went FULL 5000, you never go full 5000!" -AxeGroundSoul (31-Jan-16)
    #238: "Quotes are stupid." -DrafinTolra (31-Jan-16)
    #239: "You gonna try and sell me an igloo in the Mohave, next, 'cause I aint buyin' that shit, either, man!" -AxeGroundSoul (02-Feb-16)
    #240: "I can definitely hold a turd for two hours." -Limpy (03-Feb-16)
    #241: "back in my day we used to jerk off to rocks" -absu_ (03-Feb-16)
    #242: "I'll take one pornography please!" -Ordengar (03-Feb-16)
    #243: "how many boobs were touched? + or - one penis?" -SchwagerJ (03-Feb-16)
    #244: "kick his ass, Sea Bass" -Limpy (03-Feb-16)
    #245: "I'm just a dapper fucker, that's all." -Limpy (03-Feb-16)
    #246: "Before the Universe fucks you, it'll make sure your asshole is SO dry that, you'll wish it was the Sahara desert!" -Hellhunteer (05-Feb-16)
    #248: "i can piss standing up, but it isnt pretty lol" -AnxietyGirl (19-Feb-16)
    #249: "I used to be an adventurer, but then I took a sword between the legs." -AnxietyGirl (19-Feb-16)
    #250: "what does it mean when a girl says yes but pronounces it no?" -Not__FBI (19-Feb-16)
    #251: "Opiates, good idea" -Whizbang (23-Feb-16)
    #252: "i once fucked a girl who had epilepsy, she like vibrated it felt so good" -Jpimp1988 (23-Feb-16)
    #253: "when im_klara turns 15 she can be a mod. Kappa ." -rabidus12 (23-Feb-16)
    #254: "I just fucking started poundin the D" -Limpy (23-Feb-16)
    #255: "Do your Viewers know that you like Leather and Latex?" -Jelena (23-Feb-16)
    #256: "Did I really marry you?" -Jelena (23-Feb-16)
    #257: "although I'm an old fashioned romantic myself, I prefer laying her on her stomach and analizing her with no lube" -AxeGroundSoul (23-Feb-16)

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