Lee-Long? A New Class of Conquer Online?

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  1. Leopoldlee

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    Recently I just bumped into a couple of bruce lee related news, and saw Conquer Online is going to introduce a new character, Lee-Long. And here's the part of the news I saw.

    "Many companies have put him in games to salute him, but there was no one putting his elements into an MMORPG," said the CO team, "As a popular Oriental Fantasy MMORPG in North America, and with the elements of martial arts and the Dragon combined, Conquer Online has the responsibility to create a character to show our respect to Bruce Lee. You will not only play this unique character, but also experience the journey where Lee-Long becomes a legend from no one. You can also build sets of amazing equipment for him to fend off numerous martial artists, including Monks and Ninjas.

    Clearly, they're going to honor Bruce Lee by creating a character just like him. As a bruce lee diehard fan, from the video I saw, I'm so thrilled that finally an MMORPG brought him to life in the real-time action-packed world. But, I won't get my expectation too high before I see more clips coming.

    What about you guys? Do you wanna wait for this game to show the new character in October?
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    So many guys are talking about Bruce Lee these days. I will have a test. Hope that CO Online can offer a 3D figure in the game. Pray....don't let me down.:)

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