July 2nd 24 hour Live Stream Proposed Schedule as Directed By Clark W Griswald

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by tclark1981, Jun 25, 2013.


Would you like this schedule for the live stream?

  1. No

    7 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  1. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    I have propose the following schedule for Limpy's 24 hour live stream starting at 9am on July 2nd. How do you feel about this schedule, would you be interested in it?

    9am-12pm League of Legends
    12pm-3pm Rift
    3pm-6pm  Defiance
    6pm-9pm  World of Tanks
    9pm-12am The Secret World
    12am-3am Amnesia
    3am-6am  Path of Exile
    6am-9am  Borderlands 2
  2. Spelwerx

    Spelwerx Lemming

    I like this set up very much :)
  3. Mars

    Mars Lemming

    I voted no only because I want Amnesia to never come back. The concept is perfectly fine, but that game is very icky.
  4. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Based on the schedule it is the perfect time for you to grab a Nap though.
  5. toruga123

    toruga123 Lemming

    LoL should be later :p

    somewhere i can join too on wednesday :p
  6. jaynpc

    jaynpc Lemming

    I agree that LoL should be at a later time. It would bring more viewers, and talking about viewers, WoT is one of those games you get less viewers base when you're streaming. (IMO you should reconsider playing WoT all together)

    Based on that schedule, I'll be more hyped through 9pm to 6am of the next day  8)
  7. tclark1981

    tclark1981 Lemming

    I can understand your thinking on the schedule, but I developed the scheduled with a few different thought processes going on.  1)  I made the schedule with the primary goal of providing Limpy's current regular viewer's with at least a little of something for everyone (LoL for MOBA fans, Rift for tab targeting fans, PoE for hack n slash fans, BL2 for shooter fans). 2) I put LoL first with the intention of perhaps bringing in a few stragglers early on, who might decided to stick around.  3) with the obvious exception to Amnesia, i wanted to provided a broad variety of multiplayer games for those who want to join in at some point during the stream  4) I put the slightly more niche games (WoT, TSW, and Amnesia) in the middle of the stream to give those who may need it a chance to sneak in a quick nap during a game they may not be particularly interested in watching.  I hope that clears up my thought process a bit.
  8. balthezar1

    balthezar1 Lemming

    Need to move NW either up or down, that's my Dinner time and it's the one I really want to see.....please [​IMG]
  9. Xarnathium

    Xarnathium Thug Cat

    You had me at Borderlands 2.... You had me at Borderlands 2....
  10. Rieryn

    Rieryn Lemming

    I like it, except swap out amnesia for Battlefield 3 or something a little more exciting!
  11. jaynpc

    jaynpc Lemming

    You joking? that's like the very last game lol
  12. jaynpc

    jaynpc Lemming

    I would change Amnesia or WoT to Warframe, this game has more fan base than those two together.
  13. i'm all good with what clarkie posted.  but i'm happy with whatever -- i'm there for the lulz; and to watch limpy's characters die.  often.  hahahahahahaha!  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D  8)  ;D

  14. Xarnathium

    Xarnathium Thug Cat

    And this is why I don't even respond a lot of times, people picking apart stupid crap.... Yes I am serious, I like the game and I don't care where it is on the list, as long as it is there. Or do you want me to whine and bitch because it isn't in the right spot or for some other reason?
  15. jaynpc

    jaynpc Lemming

    I didn't mean to offend there, I'm sorry if I did -.-
    Usually when people say "you had me at.." is the first topic or whatever...

    chill, just chill
  16. Xarnathium

    Xarnathium Thug Cat

    I see people twist stuff all the time to fit what they want to say but when I do it, I get details pointed out. Yes I know how it went in the movie, but I didn't think being exact mattered, plus I just didn't give a crap and like I said was just twisting it. I find wrong in what everybody says at some point but don't point out how they aren't exact on small details
  17. Spelwerx

    Spelwerx Lemming

    Don't make me start a poll about who would win in fight Crotch Slider VS the Boob Slider, you DO NOT want get me going on that one do you :p

  18. Xarnathium

    Xarnathium Thug Cat

    I wouldn't mind  :)
  19. Mars

    Mars Lemming

    Not true. WoT has a larger fanbase than WF by a large, large margin. It just so happens a lot of them are Russian. :)
  20. Elarinya

    Elarinya Whelp

    Looks good to me!  :D

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