Is Conquer Online Worth Me Coming Back?

Discussion in 'Greeting Room' started by whatever, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. whatever

    whatever Lemming

    According to GameSpot, Conquer Online is ready to introduce a new character/class, Lee-Long, which they said is built and modeled based on Bruce Lee. Do you guys think I should return to play that game, again?

    Started to play Conquer Online in 2008, and left in 2011. The reason why I played it in the first place is that the PvP system is interesting, and it has unique controls, such as jumping to move around. There used to be many Americans in the server, but when I decided to leave, I fought against people from other countries the most, esp those from Middle East. Haha, I've to admit, their skills level was unthinkably low, and I beat the crap out of them every time! But it was no fun killing mobs and bosses. All in all, this game except for the PvP system is just subpar.

    Oh, by the way, this game costs much, too. If you wanna get yourself sets of equipment every month, you'll have to pay at least 60 bucks. (Damn, it's way pricey than Call of Duty).
  2. BuleNobility

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    Dude, you mean Conquer? Don’t expect it really f2p. I spent almost $ 100 each month on lottery.
  3. dEarEgg

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    CO is better now, no matter the garment or the artifact of the equipment. But botters are still endless. I don't want to pay the real money for them.:mad:
  4. Leopoldlee

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    Maybe you can go back to have a look. Hear that new class Bruce Lee is awesome. Maybe we can go together. Hahahahah
  5. Leopoldlee

    Leopoldlee Lemming

    Glad to see you again, bro. :D
  6. Leopoldlee

    Leopoldlee Lemming

    Seems good luck is what you need right now.;)

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