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Discussion in 'Greeting Room' started by NamasteGeek, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    So Limpy says:
    1) What games have you played?
    2) What games are you paying currently?
    3) What games are you most excited about?
    4) Anything else you would like for us to know.

    My answers:
    1.) I do not think we have that much time...like Limpy, and others I have been playing video games for over 30 yrs. (I too, could be older than Limpy.) Some of my favs are: Legend of Zelda, Bubble Bobble, Final Fantasy VII, Doom, Secret of Mana, Diablo, FableI-III, Kingdom Hearts, Little Big Planet, Left 4 Dead, BioShock, and Mass Effect.
    2.) Gears of War 3, The Sims 3, Diablo 3, StarCraft II, Fable Anniversary, Lego Star Wars, Witcher 2...
    3.) I most excited about RoS on March 25th. Overall, if given enough time I would consider myself a completionist on most RPG's.
    4.) I found this forum and stream thru Cohh...lots of great ppl over there. Many of them I have already seen here, too!
    Enjoying my time so far, Limpy you are a funny guy...keep up the good work.
    I am in the D3 clan. I tend to play in a very random, relaxed style but appreciate tips and feedback to help improve my characters. Most of the time I will play solo...but as I get to know more ppl, that could change.
  2. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Glad to have you here. Yes I am sure if some of us more "experienced" gamers were to list our full list, it would get quite extensive!

    Thanks for sharing
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  3. Math_78

    Math_78 Panda

  4. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    Hello Namaste. Love the original NES Zelda. I'm re-playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time right now myself. Welcome!
  5. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    thank you!
  6. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    Thanks! Yeah, the original is prob my favorite. That really fed my love of scavenging. lol
  7. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    What up? Hello and welcome! <3 I love left 4 dead and bioshock as well, though I haven't played the newer one yet. Owned it for a year! Just prefer Rapture. XD
  8. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    I do not think I replied, and want to make SURE I did...thank you! I have rly enjoyed being a part of the community so far...just hafta get subbed now! :) And yeah, now I kinda wanna play L4D :)

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