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    Hello everybody! MostiTheGreat here coming in like a wrecking ball :) I'm a 17 year old boy from Norway. I've always loved gaming and gaming is a big part of my life. Already at the age of 4 I was playing video games and hanging at the Arcade with friends. It was always really awesome. For now, ive moved to a more competitive part of my gaming ''life''. I really love competition and tournaments and I always look for new challenges. So my most beloved games are PvP focused. However, I play A LOT of other games as well. Just now im working on finishing Bioshock Infinite! Thanks for reading and im really excited to be a part of the community. :)
    If you want to add me my steam is: MostiTheGreat
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    Welcome to the madhouse :) Nice picture of the Joker Best joker ever:)
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    Haha, thank you!
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    welcome aboard MostiTheGreat! say HI over in the stream buddy.

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