He contributed a great first half of the long-range

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    He contributed a great first half of the long-range threat, in addition to a wonderful foot free kick just wide. Manchester United continued to control the second half the game situation, the opportunities for Robin van Persie from the penalty spot after Manchester United opened the scoring, Rooney's show time arrived. The first 69 minutes, Patrice Evra crosses the ball was not comfortable over bumps. But Rooney was spotted volley kick volley, the ball portion eat very accurate, hit the crossbar along the lower into the net. World wave! Rooney finally show their brow, laughing heartily accept the congratulations of his ultimate teammates. Rooney will undoubtedly make paying renewal under great pressure, and can be so quickly to give the ultimate team returns, fifa 16 coins presumably he will be able to be a lot easier. And after the field to score his league goals this season, it has reached 10, which also makes him after Frank Lampard, 10 years single Premier League season scored 10 goals or more FIFA 16 players. And 300 for Manchester United Premier League games, his league goals reached 151, in active service in the Premiership striker, which is also the largest. In this sense, the Premier said he was the best striker in the last 10 years is not excessive. (Gradual)

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