Guns of Icarus Online

Discussion in 'Guild / Clan Chat and Recruitment' started by Gorthac, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Gorthac

    Gorthac Lemming

    Hello Olimpyans!

    I'd love to play this game some more but I'd prefer to have the whole crew setup without having to play it with random people I don't know.

    So here's a call to arms for some sexy steampunk airship action! Lets get a clan of some kind setup so there's always people to play with! ^_^

    Reply here if interested and I'll start looking into setting this shizzle up :)

    Peace out, Gorthac
  2. Meeki

    Meeki Bloodthirsty

    I have the game but I'm so terrible at it. :(
  3. Gorthac

    Gorthac Lemming

    So am I! :D

    We could like...get better together o.o

    Also Daily deal in steam at the moment is Guns of Icarus -75%, go grab it naow fools!

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