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  1. girlsgethordey

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    Hello Olimpyans!

    I'm new to the forums/streams, but not new to WoW.

    I have to admit that I was one of those wives, you know the kind, who whined that "that damn video game" was taking away from our relationship. The one who pouted when he had to log in to "raid" with his buddies, who rolled her eyes when every reference was about gaming. I was jealous of WoW like she was an enticing tight bodied 18 year old. Yes that was me.

    And then, one day, my husband signed me up for a free week of Wow time, with the promise that he would do a weeks worth of laundry in exchange for an open mind. Who could resist? I abhorred laundry. So, I logged in, created a very naughty warlock and the rest is history. I now run circles around him and his buddies.

    I came across twitch tv, and then somehow Limpys channel.Upon opening the stream the first words I heard were fapping, he laughed at my user name, said hello, I saw he played Horde so I googled him and instantly knew we would become BFFs. :)

    I am the CEO of my own company, dabble in writing in my free time, am in my last year of my MBA, and am in to competitive women's bodybuilding. (Think fitness model, not Arnold) and working towards competing in 2015. My trainer is a super hardcore Marine and I haven't decided yet if she's trying to help me or trying to kill me.

    I am loving getting to know you guys, so thanks for having me. For the Horde!
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  2. Ashcraven

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    Welcome to the madhouse hordey!!! :D
  3. thecoolest

    thecoolest Whelp

    Welcome aboard. Nice to meet you.
  4. Peacocktail18

    Peacocktail18 Lemming

    Welcome and hello! :)
  5. jhajha

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    Hi. Nice to meet you all guys. :)
  6. Airicko

    Airicko Panda

    Howdy see you around in WoD

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