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    Hi Everyone! [​IMG][​IMG]
    Since most of us loves to play and watch football games, I just want to share my great experience while playing this game. I am a hardcore fan of Football, but I can't see new and unique online football game until I saw the teaser video of FreeStyle Football. It looks great so I tried to download the game.

    Unlike other football games, you never control the whole team, every single player in your team is also a individual player.


    Since FreeStyle Football is a game with MMO aspects, you can buy and learn new skills depending on your level. Make your basic moves better! Use your skills wisely, make a goal and become the MVP!


    Football Uniforms and generic jerseys? Seems boring. In FreeStyle Football, You can modify your fashion and be unique from the other players! If you are rich enough in-game, you can send gifts to your friends! Awesome!


    Hope I can see new players in the pitch! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Hi. I am also playing this game. Awesome game. :)

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