Free WoW (World of Warcraft) Gametime!

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  1. tachinaori

    tachinaori Lemming

    Took me about 15 mins to complete them all :)

    And got my game time added to my account :)

    Thanks Limpy!
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  2. chastter

    chastter Lemming

    Hey guys, I just finished the task , took me no longer than 30minutes and I got my code in my e-mail about 15minutes after finishing and submitting the task in twitch messages :) Totally worth it !
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  3. Henry Cheng

    Henry Cheng Lemming

    Wooo, very easy!

    Took about 30 minutes to register, definitely could've been faster, and a little extra time to figure out why some games weren't sending confirmation emails.

    Easiest free game time ever!!!

    Thanks Limpy!
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  4. Semiao91

    Semiao91 Lemming

    Im always very skeptical at first about these kind of deals, i didnt even complete the mission 100%...., i was starting to loose all hope but then a light shed through my window and a warm sensation took my hand and left me speechless! At first i thought it was jesus! but then, i remembered i was an atheist and such thing was impossible. This white figure hands me wat it seems to be a present and leaves without notice to never be seen again. Limpy is love, limpy is life.
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  5. VictoryReloaded

    VictoryReloaded Lemming

    Amazing, 30-45 minutes to complete the mission and I have just received a month's gametime code!
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  6. bugbuffer

    bugbuffer Lemming

    took me like all the guys bvefore me like 30minutes, some sites didn't work, but still got my game time thanks a lot Limpy
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  7. RS360P

    RS360P Lemming

    Thanks so much for this Limpy!!!

    i took me 20 minutes to complete this, it was simple and quick got my gametime and working!!

    Simple and easy!

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  8. Haaxxx

    Haaxxx Panda

    Received some weird top secret mission from this weird bald dude...

    I thought it was some twitch spam but I pushed on, for the horde.

    Got my 30 days of vanilla raid/dungeon farming :D

    P.S. For fast & intelligent copy-pasting, try ClipMagic. It's for the birds...
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  9. Calyn

    Calyn Lemming

    I was a bit skeptical at first, like I'm sure many of you are. But sure enough, took me about 25 mins and worked like a charm!

    Thanks Limpy.
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  10. DJLC1231

    DJLC1231 Lemming

    Just received my free game time after doing a awesome secret mission :)

    Thanks Limpy!
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  11. Caxe

    Caxe Lemming

    Took me around 20 minutes, well worth the time for it.

    Thanks Limpy!
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  12. xaliavalt

    xaliavalt Lemming

    Takes absolutely no time to complete and 30 days of free WoW is just amazing reward. Big thanks to Limpy !!!
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  13. Milan

    Milan Lemming

    hey guys i want to say:This guy is nice,he offers you a free 30days game-time.What he wants frome you its a little mission bassicually to register for some games.And you back him up he back you up.Totally worth it.I would like if there's more ways to win it extra game-time days.Keep it up man.Big love frome milandjj <3
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  14. Just wanted to write to confirm that it is legit. Here are the steps I took:
    1. Sent Limpy a message in Twitch
    2. He tells you mission instructions
    3. You follow them (some sites won't send emails)
    4. Reply back telling him you're done
    5. Profit!
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  15. Hemad

    Hemad Lemming

    It was really straight forward, you do the mission, and then he sends you the gametime.
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  16. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Hey Guys, I know some of you are having some issues with the gifted gametime. Please reply to my PM on Twitch and I am working with Blizzard to make sure that they understand that these are all being purchased by me. Buying 30+ gametimes in one day as gifts is throwing up a red flag for them.

    Thank you all for your cooperation.
  17. WoZone

    WoZone Lemming

    Completed mission #1 and recieved my game time this morning! (Delayed because he was streaming)

    I love this guy!
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  18. WoZone

    WoZone Lemming

    I Had a few games (like 2 or 3) that i couldn't complete registration for. I explained the issues in my message and recieved my game time :)
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  19. Zephler

    Zephler Lemming

    Easy peasy! Takes only about 30 minutes and recieved my free game time very quickly!

    Thanks so much Limpy!
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  20. Limonkec

    Limonkec Lemming

    It took me awhile but yea it works!!! :D Best Xmas present ever :D Limpy is the best Santa :D

    Thank you Limpy
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