Free WoW (World of Warcraft) Gametime!

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  1. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    Ok Grunt! You want some free WoW Gametime? Limpy has a mission for you!

    First thing you need to do is click this Link:

    This will send a Private Message to Limpy
    In that Private Message you need to include the following Details
    BattleNet Email:
    WoW Region for Free Gametime:

    Limpy will then reply back with your very own secret mission that will need to be completed and will reward you with 30 Days of World of Warcraft Gametime.

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  2. BioGenx2b

    BioGenx2b Panda

    Woot! Took me like 25 minutes, GG EZ! [​IMG]

    That's basically $36/hr. 10/10, would queue again.

    (Also confirmed code redemption, I need more missions, stat!)

    Protip for speedy mission completion:
    1. Use Incognito Mode or Private Browsing.
      Internet Explorer or Firefox: CTRL-SHIFT-P
      Chrome or Opera: CTRL-SHIFT-N
      Safari: COMMAND-SHIFT-N
    2. CTRL-Left-Click or Middle-Click each link to open them in new tabs quickly.
    3. Copy password to the clipboard so you can paste it, type everything else by hand.
    4. Go tab after tab and knock 'em out. Close each tab as you finish.
      If a tab takes a a while to submit, move on and leave it open, then come back after one or two new ones.
    5. Do a happy dance and pat yourself on the back!
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  3. K0Re7

    K0Re7 Panda

    It was rather easy and did not take that long. :D Got my free month of WoW time. You all should do this. I would do this monthly.
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  4. BioGenx2b

    BioGenx2b Panda

    Monthly? I'd do this DAILY! Kael Thas takes more time than this.
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  5. Fasdar

    Fasdar Whelp

    Ready for mission #2! Mission 1 was definately worth it!
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  6. Jonathan Wood

    Jonathan Wood Lemming

    took me approximately half an hour, got the email through that Limpy has brought me game time as a gift. I now await mission number 2
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  7. Opticum

    Opticum Lemming

    Mission #1 Done - took me aprox 45 Minutes but could have probably done it in a little less time. Now looking forward to mission 2 :) Thanks alot Limpy!
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  8. Duckforceone

    Duckforceone Lemming

    Mission #1 is completed.

    My tauren monk stands ready for the next one.

    thanks for the month of game time my friend...
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  9. MagicHat13

    MagicHat13 Lemming

    Only took me about a half hour. Definitely worth it, can't wait for mission #2!
    Thanks again Limpy!:D
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  10. immafriggenyeti

    immafriggenyeti Lemming

    This is awesome! Thanks Limpy. I was skeptical about this originally, but i'm glad it worked out. Only took about 40 minutes c:
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  11. Xenogard

    Xenogard Lemming

    Work Complete! The mission took me about 30-40 minutes, but I certainly could've sped things up as I was busy multitasking while doing it. Confirmed code redemption as well. Would definitely do it again. Looking forward to mission #2.
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  12. Zenamacka

    Zenamacka Lemming

    It didn't take long.Around 30-40 minutes,but it was worth.:D Thank you Limpy!^^ Prepared for mission #2 :3
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  13. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    Took me like 10 minutes to register for all of the games.
    Well worth it <3
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  14. Leronos

    Leronos Lemming

    WoW its just 15 mins of my time ... Limpy is great <3 :)
    very worth it
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  15. AlphaAdam

    AlphaAdam Lemming

    I can confirm this was easy and well succesed i just wrote a message to him on Twitch with the questions answered made a mail (Had a bit of trouble with registrations because im a noob) took me max 45 mins (Because im a noob) And i was done all registered and finished i wrote back to him and waited... (Since im in another timezone)

    Now i have my key and its great. Worth it :)

    10/10 would participate again
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  16. GoofyShot

    GoofyShot Lemming

    Nice prompt service, it took me about 2hours to get my mission, half an hour to get complete it, and ~6hours to get the game time.
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  17. Uhzova

    Uhzova Lemming

    awesome service fast and easy 15 $ love it man
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  18. Blue76Gaming

    Blue76Gaming Lemming

    Mission #1 complete. Looking forward to the second mission.

    Such a great help in a time of need. Thank you Limpy *huge hugs*
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  19. gosho

    gosho Lemming

    Mission 1 complete awesome service fast and easy thank you so much <3 :)
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  20. Laceface1220

    Laceface1220 Lemming

    anyone else having trouble with one of the sites? I cant get the Elsword one to register me at all!!!

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