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    Hey everyone just wanted to share these drawings (and a minor backstory) of characters with you guys from a story I am planning (I know they aren't great lol) but I hope you like them :p

    Azaliah, Princess of Salteziam

    Azaliah is a very strong-willed person. In part owing to her warrior/princess upbringing, she tends to act somewhat hot-blooded and angry most of the time, but she does possess a gentle side, which becomes more apparent as the story progresses. She has little confidence in her ability to make important decisions and considers herself a lone wolf.

    The face is rushed just so I could add her on here but I will redo it soon :)

    Un-named Female Elf

    This drawing actually started off as a Zelda fan art but I adapted it to as yet un-named character. Again it is a rough pic and not complete. Her face needs work but again it's rough.



    This is my RP character, its an extremely rough pic and the pose was borrowed from a KH 2 character to give me an idea.


    Ras Assim, Leader of the Fadaharan Pirates

    Another character from my story I haven't finished his backstory yet. He is my first attempt at digital art and has an unintentional Conan feel about him.

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