EQ next streams this weekend

Discussion in 'Everquest Next & Landmark' started by Duckforceone, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Duckforceone

    Duckforceone Lemming

  2. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    I don't watch many streams... But when I do...

    Stay gaming my friends!
  3. eMCeeNL

    eMCeeNL Lemming

    Jalena the wizard. Hehe Limpy isnt that what you named your CW in Neverwinter?

    Anyways I was blown away by the features. Destructible world, learning AI, building the world through questing, and the layers omg the layers..

    Skill system seems a bit meh to me. Had hoped for something more challenging.

    And the cherry on the cake: Landmark.. awesome!
  4. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    It looks intriguing but I doubt it'd hold my interest honestly.  I do like the layers and the dynamic world though.
  5. Duckforceone

    Duckforceone Lemming

    yeah it has alot of potential..

    i love the ai talk... sounds just awesome... no more, orc 1 and orc 2.... they can be eradicated, or the orcs can just move on too...

    destructible environment... awesome... and building cities in cooperation with others... soo sweet...

    but a combat style like gw2.... hmmm really gotta see more before i can judge.. but i must say, i did not like the way it was done in gw2... it was so difficult to find even 4 skills you liked on many of the classes... and i found it really limited...

    landmark.. hell yeah.. helping build the world... going to be so awesome... i have dubbed it "Everquest Minecraft"

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