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    The feeling okay your reaction when he first hear don the radio I covered my face and I guess like I can I wanna cry-leading candidate had make a lot yeah that they really-girly the head actually video if you look at the shower earlier video the very beginning as a first time I heard as I kiss FIN and judge on the Radio IHeartBreaker Shack me I 190 G and is the shower and inside play you-could be a currently there's a shaking my head and it's so freaking out yet it's really cough and I think I've been talking
    The while but your debut album which is gonna be out soon yeah we've at the united for a minute-yeah I got time as early on in our B like in a really good place where like-musically like yeah I'm going up and I'm experiencing life in a different way Randi get to write about a and he added claim I found an hour IHeartBreaker realistically to finishing it'll be out around October when I'm on toy or cellist's gonna be really get I'm really excited favorite day in the studio and making-about them evaded.

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