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  1. ShiroAzure

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    Basis: Get dropped into a town with 39 other people. Survive as long as you can by cooperating with the others in the town. Gather materials, upgrade the town, scavenge supplies, etc. Its a fun game, where you can play selfishly or as a team player. Every town dies eventually, the point is to see how long you can survive. Each town has its own forums so you can communicate with other players in the town as to what you should be designating supplies towards, where people have scavenged and what not.

    Its a pretty fun browser based game, used to play it quite a bit, even had multiple accounts made for it lol. I still play it from time to time but its a game where you have to log in daily to do this or you die and my life has gotten pretty busy lately, but i still try to play it when i can.

    If you like games where you log in daily and cooperate with other people, give it a try, its a great game :)
  2. Limpy

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    Sounds amazingly fun!
  3. Rieryn

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    Hey Shiro, I started playing it a couple weeks ago and am still having fun.  Also playing Mush.
    Look for me as Rieryn.
    If you are in a coalition I'd love to get involved as it seems to play better with a small group working toward the same ends.
  4. Rieryn

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    Currently leading a coalition working with another coalition or two. My first Full meta jump is about a week or so away. Should be interesting as it will be 40 coalition players, mostly experienced and communicating. Hoping it works out as good as they made it sound to me. :D If you try it out, please use my name as referrer/sponsor(there's a distinction/acheivement for it): Rieryn
  5. Limpy

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    This sounds crazy!
  6. Rieryn

    Rieryn Lemming

    I enjoy it and its only a few minutes to a half hour tops of playing and you can leave it, I pop in twice a day on average to check what I've gotten or change actions/zones, etc. It's cool to see what distinctions (achievements) you can earn and or find in game. Requires team play, but there's always a griefer or two to make it interesting.
    Scavenge, build, gather, and kill zombies to survive as long as you can.
  7. Limpy

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    Sounds like me with Stronghold Kingdoms

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