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    Hey everyone,
    I heard some OLimpyans struggle to find a good working build for the Wizard or are unsure which kind of equipment to get for that char. Here you will find some informations about builds collected from fellow OLimpyans who will share their wisdom with everyone. Feel free to contribute your build in this thread too, so everyone can profit from it.

    First of all I should mention that I'm currently Paragon level 111+ on EU and just play every once in a while when I get the urge to kill stuff over and over again :D I have quite a few friends that kept playing Diablo 3 since release and are most the time up to date and tend to discuss several build options with them and test them out how they work in the long run. Most of them are between Paragon level 200-460.
    Just as a small reminder: those builds work pretty good on Torment VI, but that doesn't mean it will work for you too, just because you use those builds. Torment VI is a gear check, if you don't have the gear, no build in the world will help you to manage that difficulty :) But this build will allow you to do higher Torment levels than you should be able to do with another build.

    So after I created this thread, I think its fair if I start out with some builds.

    (copy/paste to strong :D)

    Paragon Skillpoints:
    Core: Int is the way to go for myself, with like 2 points in movement speed to get to the 25% cap, if u have 2 +12% movement speed pieces.
    Offense: Attack speed all the way
    Defense: All Resist to the max!
    Utility: Life on Hit is the most important one!

    There are a couple builds floating around at the moment, but I will only share one with you for the time being, which is an all around build and cheaper equipment wise than the rest.

    How does the build work and what type of equipment should I get?
    This build is one of the easiest to learn and play, because all you have to do is buffing yourself up with Familiar, Energy Armor, Magic Weapon and hold down your left mouse button and spam Electrocute like a mad man. The skill is piercing with the Lightning Blast rune and will hit all mobs in a straight line. Its fast projectiles with a high attack speed of 2,0+ will feel like firing a machine gun. In conjunction with the Prodigy passive, you will get so much Arcane Power that you can throw Arcane Orbs and Blizzards at the mobs like a young god. One thing to consider is: Arcane Orb can deal its damage twice. Yes you heard right. I said twice the damage per cast. If you manage to hurl the orb through them, it will deal the first time damage, once it explodes it will deal the second time damage. So if you manage to place them quite good you will double your damage.
    This skill setup, will allow you to freeze a large number of mobs and kill them before they even get to you. Blizzard has a chance to freeze them while they run through it, so keep Blizzards up as long as you can while dishing out more damage with Arcane Orb, which has also a chance to freeze mobs, because it deals cold damage too. The familiar has a chance to freeze mobs it hits too. Energy Armor provides you with increased armor and 5% critical hit rate and Magic Weapon will increase your overall damage too.

    And a small reminder before I go over the equipment: You are a ranged class and not a tank! So kite the mobs and don't face tank them like an idiot on higher Torment levels.

    As I mentioned in the beginning you want a high attack speed to fuel your Arcane Power consumption. To further boost it, I recommend getting a source in the offhand that will give you Arcane Power on Criticals (further refered to as APoC). Chantodo's Will has it and I kinda like the whole Chantodo's Set (+130 Int, -7% damage from Elites) too, because the source Chantodo's Force gives attack speed and critical hit rate. The other option would be the hat Storm Crow which gives APoC too. Try to get like 9 APoC from any source. More doesn't hurt either. Further equipment can be anything you want, but remember to have attack speed, critical hit rate, critical damage, high int values, decent vit values and some resists (I doubt you wanna die as a one hit wonder ;)). Equipment that gives +% damage to cold damage is nice as well. Also life steal is fairly nice on a weapon. Recommended items to make you feel good: Lacuni Prowlers, The Witching Hour, Zunimassa's Trail and Zunimassa's Pox (2 piece set bonus are another free 130 Int) or the new Ice Climbers which give you immunity to freeze and immobilize (yeah Jailer mobs I look at you!).

    Hope this helps some people to get an idea what you can do with your Wizard in the recent 2.0 Patch.

  2. FEChef

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    I started using this build a few days ago (peeked at your profile) and it's awesome! Thanks so much for the info.
  3. Limpy

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    Been using this one all week, and I can attest. I can wreck some serious faces, and I am not even close to geared out yet.
  4. Silentfayt

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    I'm kinda new to Diablo III, but how do you run 3 Conjure skills? I don't have that option... And my wizard is lvl 50
  5. XxGOTHxX

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    Heya Silentfayt,
    it's fairly easy, just go into the Options -> Gameplay -> and there you simply have to check "Elective Mode"
    After that you can choose freely where to place any kind of skill.

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    Here's another nice build I've been using.


    I tried Goth's at first, didn't quite like the low hit coefficient. With the one above, my Life on Hit seems to be a lot more effective. And the Frost Nova is always nice to give you a break.

    Not sure what else to say... I'll answer any questions about it.

    Edit: oh, I forgot, not only do you need a decent amount of Life Leech or Life on Hit, but it really helps to have at least 9 APoC (arcane power on crit) and 50%+ crit chance, otherwise the Sleet Storm won't last long.
  7. XxGOTHxX

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    Haha Arkatar, well I didn't bother with that build anymore because it was only made for the cursed chest farms, but they got nerfed so hard. It sadly can't compare to the damage of spammed Arcane Orbs, which is what counts on T6 with a group of 4 people, but it definitely is fun to play, but requires even better equipment than the other to even let the Sleet Storm run for a decent amount of time.
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    I am currently running with this build instead =)

    I have been spending the last week running it and it works out really well. If you are doing boss fights I swap out Dominance for Class Cannon, but otherwise the survivability of Dominance is just brilliant =)

    The Build
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