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    Hey everyone,
    I heard some OLimpyans struggle to find a good working build for the Witch Doctor or are unsure which kind of equipment to get for that char. Here you will find some informations about builds collected from fellow OLimpyans who will share their wisdom with everyone. Feel free to contribute your build in this thread too, so everyone can profit from it.

    First of all I should mention that I'm currently Paragon level 111+ on EU and just play every once in a while when I get the urge to kill stuff over and over again :D I have quite a few friends that kept playing Diablo 3 since release and are most the time up to date and tend to discuss several build options with them and test them out how they work in the long run. Most of them are between Paragon level 200-460.
    Just as a small reminder: this build work pretty good on Torment IV, but that doesn't mean it will work for you too, just because you use those builds. Torment VI is a gear check, if you don't have the gear, no build in the world will help you to manage that difficulty :)

    Sadly the Witch Doctor got hit with the nerf bat quite hard and isn't really as good as he used to be. So i guess Torment IV is the most you can do without struggling that much with good gear.

    So after I created this thread, I think its fair if I start out with one build.

    Paragon Skillpoints:
    Core: Int is the way to go for myself, with like 2 points in movement speed to get to the 25% cap, if u have 2 +12% movement speed pieces.
    Offense: Attack speed all the way
    Defense: All Resist to the max!
    Utility: Life on Hit is the most important one!

    The build is kinda good for solo and group play. It focuses on survival with a lot of life gain and regen from several sources.

    How does the build work and what type of equipment should I get?
    Compared to other classes, this section will be fairly short, because this build is so simple, but still effective. When you enter the game summon your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan. When you encounter a group of white mobs, use Locust Swarm on them, which will activate your Life on Hit and keeps you alive, let your dogs and gargantuan tank and activate Firebats and don't let go of that mouse button until you have to reposition yourself. After the first fight you should have some Fetishes from the Sycophants passive, that will deal quite some damage too. Rinse and repeat. when you encounter champion packs, use Haunt too, for extra life regen and damage. If you run out of mana get or in danger use Spirit Walk.
    I strongly recommend using the Templar follower during solo play, because he can heal, stun and is an extra meat shield for you.

    With this build you want a good attack speed, good critical hit rate, critical damage, all resist, decent amount of vit and high int. also life on hit is fairly important, because your Zombie Dogs scale off of it and further increase your survivability. For Armor, try getting 3-4 pieces of the Zunimassa Set and use a 1h weapon and mojo. Other good items are about the same as the other classes with The Witching Hour, Mempo of Twilight, Lacuni Prowlers or Inna's Temperance.

    Hope this helps some people to get an idea what you can do with your Witch Doctor in the recent 2.0 Patch. Once RoS goes live, Witch Doctors should have a better time, due to the new passives and skills. That is something to really look forward to.


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