Diablo 3 - The easy old/new way of getting some legendaries / set pieces / plans

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    It's me again :D
    Well to start this whole thread off, I should mention that I was looking through my followers to see if they had anything I could sell before the AH and RMAH disappeared and I found a Puzzle Ring on one of them. Those Puzzle Rings were pretty big back in the day before Blizzard nerfed them a bit.
    Before I continue, I will link you a picture of the Puzzle Ring (Legacy) on the left side and the new 2.0 Puzzle Ring on the right side. http://www.diablowiki.net/images/b/b3/Puzzle-ring-gamescom.jpg
    How does the Puzzle Ring work, you might ask? The old ring will spawn a Treasure Goblin when you get hit with a 100% chance if the ring is off cooldown. After the Treasure Goblin spawned the ring goes on cooldown for about 7-15mins before a new TG can spawn. With the changes to the drop system, as in loot lvl depends on your own lvl and the lvl of the created game, the TG will drop always lvl 59+ blue/yellow or lvl 60 legendary/set.
    So once RoS hits the floor, the PR will start dropping level 70 stuff so it'll be an easy way to equip your chars. The most important point about this farm is, that you have a group of 4 person with 1 ring on everyone. That way you get like 16-32 goblin spawns per hour.
    After testing it for the last couple days and trading for the rings I finally got 4 on my own :D and the legendary/set drop rate so far seems like 1:8 after around 80 goblin kills. Sometimes it was like 2 TG 2 legendary, and inbetween I had to wait for like forever XD but it got a decent average.
    So if you have one of those rings you can consider yourself lucky and if you don't have one, you should try to trade for one asap.

    Hint 1: Environmental damage procs the TG too, so we sit with 4 persons on the flame platforms/traps in the Hall of Anguish lvl 2 and wait for them to pop up :D Kinda stressful if 4 pop the same time.

    Hint 2: You can equip the ring on your follower too, and it will proc if he/she gets damage too. Cooldown is still there though.

    Hint 3: After equipping the ring or starting a new game, the ring starts with cooldown before the first TG can spawn.

    Hope that helps a few of you guys.


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