Diablo 3 Olimpyan Clans-US

Discussion in 'Guild / Clan Chat and Recruitment' started by NamasteGeek, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. NamasteGeek

    NamasteGeek Whelp

    We have two clans in D3. :D
    1. OLimpy
    2. Limpy2
    So if you have not joined a clan in D3 yet, do a search for either clan in-game and request an invite today! FYI, as of this week, the OLimpy clan was full. If you have already or plan to request to join that clan, be aware it may be some time before you are invited, if at all. This is due to the 15o member limit that Blizzard has imposed upon the clans. But fear not, as shown above you can request to join Limpy2 as BOTH are a part of the OLimpyans Community!!

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