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    Hey everyone,
    I heard some OLimpyans struggle to find a good working build for the Monk or are unsure which kind of equipment to get for that char. Here you will find some informations about builds collected from fellow OLimpyans who will share their wisdom with everyone. Feel free to contribute your build in this thread too, so everyone can profit from it.

    First of all I should mention that I'm currently Paragon level 111+ on EU and just play every once in a while when I get the urge to kill stuff over and over again :D I have quite a few friends that kept playing Diablo 3 since release and are most the time up to date and tend to discuss several build options with them and test them out how they work in the long run. Most of them are between Paragon level 200-460.
    Just as a small reminder: those builds work pretty good on Torment VI, but that doesn't mean it will work for you too, just because you use those builds. Torment VI is a gear check, if you don't have the gear, no build in the world will help you to manage that difficulty :)

    So after I created this thread, I think its fair if I start out with some builds.

    Paragon Skillpoints:
    Core: Get either Dex or Vit depending on the build you choose.
    Offense: Attack speed all the way
    Defense: All Resist to the max!
    Utility: Life on Hit is the most important one!

    The first build I will introduce you too is the the solo farmer that just wants to rush through the mobs and kill them with ease.

    How does the build work and what type of equipment should I get?
    This build is pretty straight forward. Its build around keeping your Sweeping Wind up and max stacked, which you achieve by hitting mobs to refresh its timer and delivering critical hits to get the stacks up and extra spirit from the rune slotted in Crippling Wave.
    So you speed up your running with Dashing Strike and the extra movement speed you will receive to jump from mob group to mob group. Pull them in by using Cyclone Strike, using Serenity for the damage aura and the active part of Mantra of Conviction to mow them down as fast as you can. Feel free to use Cyclone Strike multiple times for some extra damage and interrupting the mob attacks. Don't forget to normal attack all the time or you will run out of spirit.

    This build requires you to have a decent attack speed of 2,0+ on each of your hands, some life steal and life on hit are recommended, that you can manage your HP with attacking alone. Since you need quite a decent amount of critical hit rate, to get your stacks up and extra spirit, I recommend getting Natalya's Bloody Footprints (best with 6% damage reduction from melee attacks, and an extra resist of your choice. try to get this extra single resist on as a many pieces as you can. Read "One With Everything" Passive) and Natalya's Reflection (8% or higher attack speed, 4.5%+ critical hit rate. Life on hit or critical damage would be a nice little extra). Those 2 set pieces will provide you with an extra 7% critical hit rate. Next on the shopping list would be Inna's Vast Expanse (3 sockets, 150+ dex/vit, 6% reduced damage from melee attacks) and Inna's Temperance (2 sockets, 150+ dex (extra vit would be a nice bonus), 9% attack speed, 1% critical hit rate, 12% movement speed, all resist and/or the single resist of you choice). Those 2 set pieces grants you a free bonus of 130 dex. Other good items are The Witching Hour and Mempo of Twilight.
    About the weapons: You can use any 1h weapon you like. They only should have a good attack speed like swords or Echoing Fury or The Fist of Az'Turrasq. One weapon I personally like is The Butcher's Sickle, because it got a chance to drag enemies to you and it always comes with life steal. Best would be if both weapons had a socket slot, that you can put some emeralds in them for extra critical damage.

    The second build I wanna introduce you is the support monk for groups of 3-4 persons on high Torment levels. This monk doesn't excel because of his high damage, but for his tankiness and hard CC (crowd control in form of stun), who groups the mobs around him, so that his team mates can AoE them down.

    How does the build work and what type of equipment should I get?
    This build works the same as the other one, but in fact you aren't the person that is dealing the damage here. You have heal and damage amplifying abilities now, that will boost the damage on the targets from all group members. You just try to keep the mobs together and pull the next group ahead to speed up the runs.

    This build requires you to focus on even higher attack speed than the other build, because you are the CC God. Weapons like Azurewrath with high chance to freeze on hit and the by far best Monk Fist the Sledge Fist (which has maybe an awesome DPS of 150, BUT it can have up to 50% Chance to Stun on hit!!!) Mobs won't barely move at all while you hit them. Also those weapons should have a socket slot, that you can socket amethysts in them for extra life on hit. Remember: Your job is to stay alive and keep the mobs away from the rest of your team.
    For armor i can recommend getting Blackthorne's Set. It comes with good resists, life on hit and important socket slots. Those socket slots want the new diamond gems in them as high as you can craft them for even more resists. Make sure every piece of your gear comes with high vitality stats (dex isn't that important!), extra armor if possible, the single resist of your choice and/or all resists. Try to get all the attack speed and critical hit rate on your armor pieces. Critical hit damage isn't that important. Also extra chances to inflict a CC on a mob on armor pieces is good too.

    The third build I will leave up to you for a 2 person party, just mix the skills and equipment as you see fit :p

    Hope this helps some people to get an idea what you can do with your Monk in the recent 2.0 Patch.

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    This is simply spectacular!

    I can't wait to see the others. If you are taking requests, I know quite a few people have asked about the Wizard build
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    Will do the other classes over the next couple days too. Probably the Wiz next, because those 2 classes are the best ones right now.
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    Very nice... going to have to roll me one of these :)
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    I re-rolled my monk just to try this out. He's still lvl 1atm though. :p

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