Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter Build (Please Share Yours)

Discussion in 'Diablo 3' started by Alkurelm, Mar 18, 2014.


What was your experience with this build?

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  2. I didn't benefit from it.

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  3. Not going to try it. Just came here to read it and laugh.

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  4. Not going to try it, but it gave me an idea.

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  1. Alkurelm

    Alkurelm Lemming

    Hello. This is the Demon Hunter build that I use. Before I list everything, I just want yall to know that this may not be the best build, but it's done right by me so far. Also, there's no need for a certain weapon to change a skill from being a Hatred Consumer to a Hatred Generator. Now, on to the build.


    Left Click = Entangling Shot; Rune = Justice is Served (Generates more Hatred.)
    Right Click = Cluster Arrow; Rune = Shooting Stars (Changes the grenades to Rockets that do 400% weapon damage. You'll see why I use this later.)
    First Active (1) = Shadow Power; Rune = Blood Moon (Life on Hit is raised to 3303. Works well with group hits.)
    Second Active (2) = Smoke Screen; Rune = Healing Vapors (Regens 15% Health and stealths. Who doesn't want that?)
    Third Active (3) = Preparation; Rune = Battle Scars (Gives 30 Discipline and 40% Health. Free mini-potion.)
    Forth Active (4) = Companion; Rune = Wolf (Decent tank and a 35% damage buff to you and allies.)


    Steady Aim (Entangling Shot keeps them away for kiting and this passive gives a 20% damage boost for enemies that are over 10 yards away from you.)
    Ballistics (100% damage boost to rockets. This is why I use shooting stars. You also have a 20% chance to shoot a Homing Rocket that does 150% weapon damage when you attack. Yes, entangling shot triggers it.)
    Archery (Bow is 8% more damage, 2h Crossbow is 50% more Crit Damage. I haven't used hand x-bows in awhile, but Main hand is 5% Critical Chance and Off Hand is 1 additional Hatred per second.)

    Well, that's the build that I'm using. It's treated me very well in T1 and T2 (haven't gone further up yet.) At 98k damage and with the wolf buff on, I recently saw a rocket crit for 1 million damage. I also use a bow, so I don't have the 2h X-Bow buff from Archery. I do die with this build, but we all die from time to time due to not paying attention or not being able to escape an inevitable death (curse you wallers and jailers). So, if yall are looking for a fool proof, immortal build, this isn't it. If yall are looking for the absolute best build out there, this isn't it either. This is just something for you to try if you want. This build isn't for everyone. It's all based on playstyle. Again, this build has treated me well. That doesn't mean that it will treat you the same way, but I suggest that you try it if you are looking for a build. Thank you for your time and happy hunting.
  2. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    All in all a very solid build Alku, unfortunately it doesn't fit my playstyle, but definitely a good build :3

    Personally I run a build that maximizes mobility as well as killing things on the run, enabling quick playthroughs for legendary/xp farming.

    My own build is:

    Bola - Bitter Pill, I have Ememei's Duffel (legendary quiver), which makes bola's explode instantly, resulting in fantastic discipline generation, otherwise I would swap this for Hungering Arrow with Spray of Teeth.

    Fan Of Knives - Knives Expert, this allows for spamming fan of knives while tumbling, usually oneshotting everything on my path.

    Rain of Vengeance - Dark Cloud, I use this rune simply because it does amazing damage, and while you tumble/run past mobs, it will allow you to kill them without lifting a finger.

    Vault - Tumble, Self-explanatory, best/fastest mobility spell in the game.

    Companion - Bat Companion, This grants passive hatred regen as well as 50 Hatred on use, use this for more Fan of Knives.

    Preparation - Punishment, This enables you to spend your discipline to gain hatred for those desperate situations, where Bat Companion wasn't enough.


    Perfectionist, for added tankiness and reduced discipline cost of skills.

    Archery, for increased dps

    Night Stalker, for vastly increased discipline generation

    I'm at roughly 200k sheet dps, and can do a complete T3 playthrough in roughly 2 - 2½ hours.
    Questions welcome :3
  3. Alkurelm

    Alkurelm Lemming

    Cool. That sounds like an awesome build. I'll have to try it when I get that quiver. I like trying things. The thing that pushed me away from the Bolas was that delay with the explosion. I'm wanting the legendary that gives me 3 wolves instead of 1 for my build.

    Also, thanks for the input. :)
  4. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    No problem man, I'm always up for theorycrafting :3

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