COD Ghost Clan Wars (Xbox 360)

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  1. Mr. White

    Mr. White Lemming

    Hey whats up everyone, Its Mr. White here. Long time no see I know.
    Im here to ask for some help from my fellow Olimpyans!
    My clan in COD ghost was just promoted to the platinum divison. (YAY US!) BUT now were up against clans with rosters of 40+ players. Sadly my clan only has 19 in our roster atm.

    SO WE need all the help we can get!!

    The clan is a LVL 14 titled 'RDNK KY'

    Now we dont care if you K/D is a 3.3 or even a .222    All we care about is you play and have fun doing it. All I ask is that you play a few games during the week of clan wars :)

    So if your interested please send me a message on Xbox 360 or send my LT. Commanders a message saying you wanna join.

    -SoA Prospect 89 (ME)
    -SoA Prospect 90
    -JP 200704

    *IF you are wondering what nodes need capturing for points to win the clan wars you can either download the call of duty ghost app from the app store/google play for most tablet and smartphones. If not able to Ill gladly answer any message sent to me via xbox  ;D*
  2. Limpy

    Limpy Dragon Fluffer Staff Member Subscriber

    You guys must be pretty good if you got there with half the size group as the other clans.

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