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    Hey Gang,

    Many of you over the years have been gather and hording those beloved nuggets of golden poo! Now it is time for me to reward you for your loyalty, or luck.

    I have decided to set up a very simple system that allows you to turn those bricklebits into the games you love. You will now be able to buy games with your bricklebits.

    10,000 BrickleBits = $3 Credit on Steam or G2A
    25,000 BrickleBits = $10 Credit on Steam or G2A
    50,000 BrickleBits = $20 Credit on Steam or G2A
    75,000 BrickleBits = $40 Credit on Steam or G2A
    100,000 BrickleBits = $60 Credit on Steam or G2A

    So you are now able to take all those hard earned BrickleBits and turn them into your favorite games!

    1) How do we redeem these?
    A) Send me a PM through twitch with the game you would like and I will check your balance and send the game as a gift, reducing your BrickleBit balance.

    2) Can we earn more than one reward?
    A) You have the BrickleBits, you get the games

    3) Do we have to spend the full balance at once?
    A) No, you can spend the balance in any way you choose.

    4) How do We Earn BrickleBits?
    A) You earn BrickleBits from just being in the channel. Whether I am live or not. 1 BrickleBit every 10 minutes when I am live, 1 BrickleBit every hour when I am not. In addition to this, I hand out chunks of BrickleBits at random times for Random events. Some times it will be for things I do in games, other times it will be for a the number of followers that day.
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    Sir, I'm taking to you to court for my new gambling addiction. :p
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