Benitez said strongman Abu fear not care how long to stay at Chelsea

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    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez appeared before the media yesterday, Benitez said that although he had never and Abramovich have had exchanges, but he believes Abu work than for the former boss of Gillette and Hicks easier. During the Liverpool coach Benitez got the fans for their support, but because he offended the two American owners, did not get a contract extension. Benitez unveiled yesterday in London, for work in Abu men, he does not fear, 'We will meet today to chat, I had not seen him, but I am not worried, I think it worked for him than previously Premiership easier. cheap fifa coins I used to have two bosses ignore each other, and I said one, I want a striker, the other said no, always such a thing, at least not so here. 'Benitez for identity transition coach there is no picky, 'I do not care how long to stay here myself, and now we have five titles can compete, if in this seven months, we can win some titles, I believe you will like me happy . '(reporter Zhou Lei)

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