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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by tclark1981, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    Why does EVERYONE call me amish xD
    When i wear my red cowboy hat my viewers call me an amish pimp :b
    And that's a peacock, NOT JUST A BIRD
  2. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    Rofl!!! Amish pimp! I didn't think about that. It's true!! lol
  3. Makeithappen

    Makeithappen Whelp

    This "Bird" must be saying " hey, bro, i'm taller than u" hah:p
  4. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    Updated beard !
    I've reached a point where im not sure if i should get rid of my beard, trim it a bit, or just let it grow like crazy..
  5. Ashcraven

    Ashcraven Whipping Dragon Staff Member

    You just can't stop grinning can you? lol Every pic of you has that grin. Give the beard a lil trim!
  6. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    I have to at least look happy even if im not xD
    That's just my "oh look, a picture is being taken" smile :b
  7. a couple of songs dedicated to those with hirsute faces:

    and so the girls aren't left out:

  8. thecoolest

    thecoolest Whelp

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a great beard? LOL :)
  9. TriNeaX

    TriNeaX Lemming

    Disadvantages ? what is this word ?

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