Archeage Guild who's playing???

Discussion in 'ArcheAge' started by iKreapz, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. iKreapz

    iKreapz Lemming

    i was wondering who going to play when it comes out 2m and i would like to start a guild with fellow olimpyians and get this party started. i will be playing AA for most of the time. let me know i also have a ts server that we can go on.

  2. iyeman

    iyeman Lemming

    I'm playing on Ollo Server as iyeman.
  3. iKreapz

    iKreapz Lemming

    cool man are you in a guild already ?
  4. enemyfood

    enemyfood Whelp

    Oh shoot you tried to team up with me in ARcheage the other day iyeman I thought it was a random. I'll see you in game. I'm east on Ollo too.
  5. iKreapz

    iKreapz Lemming

    nice i rollin on aranzeb server on the west side
  6. rabidus12

    rabidus12 Lemming

    I'm trying to play it, but queues have caused me to give Tera a try until the hype calms down.

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