Archeage Class Guide: Best Abolisher PvP Build

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    The public test for Archeage is coming, we are glad to share more Archeage class build with you. Abolisher is honestly a beastmode tank in the game, if you have excellent equipment would make it perfect! You will take a ton of magic damage if your rolling plate, which you should. Personally I lean more towards the tanking side of this build so I easily sacrifice DPS for Tanking and utility and let my group do the DPS while I gather and disable stuff.Today, we would share the best Abolisher PvP build as follow:

    Abolisher: Battlerage + Defense + Auramancy


    The Battlerage Skill Set:

    Bondbreaker: To remove snared, slowed,launched, lassitude,telekinesis effects from you and gain immunity to then for 5 seconds also decrease 50% physical damage. When you fight with the Assault and Sorcery, this skill is the necessary.

    Frenzy: Each time you receive damage would increase 30 melee attack and magic attack. To absorb 215 damage of all received magic damage, and your defense would reduce 15%.Effect last 35 seconds, then stuns you for 4 seconds. To fight with Archery and Witchcraft you need this skill to add 300 extra attack point.While, to encounter the Assault you ‘d better didn’t use it which will end your life.

    Battle Focus:To use the tension can reduce cooldown of all battlerage skills for 20 seconds and increase 28% Parry rate so that cause the battlerage skills consume 42% less mana and critical strikes increase 30% damage.This is the core skill in Battlerage skill set, the effect is amazing! Don’t miss it!

    The Defense Skill Set:

    Boastful Roar: To cause the enemy be shaken for 7 seconds and reduce the move speed 45% and skill damage 25%. There is less people click this skill,but it is really amazing! To match with Shrug it Off can deal additional 60% damage instantly.

    Redoubt: This shield can increase 38% block rate within 20 seconds, and decrease 10% move speed. Prevents being pushed or Tripped.This is the core skill in Defense, as well as the abnormal buff. The 20 seconds for preventing pushed or tripped is amazing for all melee attack class.

    PvP Experience:

    The class has Sorcery and skill sets are hard win the battle.If the sorcery armed with plate, you can give up to resist. If you have sufficient Archeage Gold, the Magnificent Stone Shirt can increase magic defense. To face the Assault, you need to use the Shrug it Off and Boastful Roar.
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    This is awesome!!! Keep it coming

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