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    Just thought I would help out some of our soon to be AA players with a little FAQ. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post and I'll add them to the FAQ.

    1. What are trade packs?
    a. Trade packs are backpacks that are crafted with certain goods at specialty workstation. The farther you take your trade pack, the more gilda stars or gold you will receive.

    2. Why do I move so slowly when wearing a trade pack?
    a. That would be a debuff,Weight of the World. Wearing a trade pack decreases your movement speed while walking or riding, except for donkey. It also prevents teleportation.

    3. How do I get a donkey?
    a. You receive a donkey by completing the first three trade pack quests. A donkey can also be purchased from Mirage Island for 5 Gilda Stars

    4. What do I need to complete the three first trade pack quests?
    a. You will need 50 turmeric, 200 cotton and 30 stone bricks (bricks are made from raw stone)

    5. How do I get raw stone?
    a. You get raw stone from mining iron nodes. A good place to farm iron nodes is around the edge of the map. I like farming in Ironclaw Mine in Tirgerspine Mountains. Lots of nodes close together with a fast respawn rate.

    6. How do I get my first farm?
    a. You receive your first farm from completing a quest chain for the Blue Salt faction located in Tigerspine Mountains near Flamehawk Canyon (needs to be verified). Once you have received your farm design, you will need to place it in an area zoned for housing/farming and complete the construction with the 1 lumber you received along with the design.

    7. How do I upgrade my farm?
    a. Complete the fourth trade pack quest chain, the banana run, gather 100 lumber and a larger amount of taxes.

    8. How do I create seed bundles?
    a. You will need 10 seeds and a farmers workstation. Be warned though, seed bundles take a lot more room than just planting a single seed.

    9. What is a farmers workstation?
    a. Farmer workstations are made via carpentry and require 30 lumber and a small farm design. (So do not make one until you have your large farm/garden set up)

    10. How do I get a clipper boat?
    a. You will need to save 30 Nui Tears, earned via quests or achievements, to buy a clipper. Take the Mirage Island portal that are located in multiple places in a region and go to the docks and find the clipper boat. A clipper can also be purchased from the AH with gold.

    11. What can I do with my clipper?
    a. You can fish, explore, pvp or do long distance trade pack runs. (more profit!)
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    Thank you for the guide.

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